What Does Divided Highway Sign Mean?

What Does A Divided Highway Sign Mean

A divided highway sign alerts drivers and other road users that the road ahead is divided by a physical barrier or medians like a strip of land, guard rail, or concrete barrier.

The divided highway signs take up a diamond shape. The signs have a bright yellow background that makes it easy to notice. There are also black symbols on the indicator. The divided roadway sign dimensions are as follows:

  • 36 inches tall by 36 inches wide for the single lane and multi-lanes
  • 48 inches tall by 48 inches wide for the expressway and freeway lanes

Finally, the sign is located strategically on the approach to a divided part of a road, near a median or a physical barrier that separates the two lanes of traffic.

What Should You Do if You See This Sign?

Once a driver notices the indicator, they should be alert and watch out for the physical barrier ahead. They should also take necessary action to guarantee safety, like slowing down. Other additional signs can accompany the indicator and which drivers must obey. It is also worth noting that one will only find the signs on an approach to a separate roadway and not before a junction or an intersection. Essentially, the sign signals that the road you are using intersects with a separated roadway ahead. The road has a barrier, guardrail, or median, and if one keeps driving towards it without taking necessary action, you will collide with the physical barriers. In a nutshell, when one notices the sign, they should immediately decide to either turn right at the first roadway or turn left at the second roadway.

What Makes a Divided Highway?

Essentially, a separate roadway is a road that features two lanes of traffic that travel in opposite directions. Traffic moving in each direction is separated by a strip of grass or concrete in the middle.

What Makes A Divided Highway Divided Highway

What is the End of a Divided Highway?

There are two types of separated roadway signs, the roadway begins (A) sign and the roadway ends (B) sign. You will see the begin (A) sign as you approach a section of the roadway where the opposing traffic flows are separated by a median or a physical barrier. The ends sign (B) is placed before the end of the roadway. Essentially, it indicates that soon you will enter an undivided roadway.

The Difference Between Divided and Two-Lane Highways

A separate roadway refers to separate lanes used by opposing traffic. The lane features a barrier between them such that traffic moves separately on the different highways. On the other hand, a two-lane road is a typical two-lane road with no physical barrier that separates opposing traffic. The two-lane roadway features double yellow lines. Some two-lane roads also feature a single broken yellow that allows drivers to pass even in the wrong direction

Are Divided Highways Safer Than Two-Lane Roads?

Some two-lane highways feature narrow lanes that make them more deadly than separated roadway lanes. It is easy for a driver to drive in the wrong way or make a sharp U-turn on a two-lane roadway, causing a severe accident.

When roads are separated by barriers, the risk of accidents is reduced substantially. Also, since all the vehicles are moving in the same direction, head-on collisions cannot occur. An ideal separated roadway features several signs that help drivers merge safely into traffics and added lanes.

Are You Divided Highways Safer Than Two Lane Roads

Why Divide Road Signs are Necessary

  • They give drivers a sense of how much time one has to change lanes safely
  • Let’s drivers know they will no longer be protected by barrier ahead

Is it Legal to Drive Across the Median of a Divided Highway?

On a separate road, the vehicles that are traveling in the same direction should stay on their side of the road. The vehicles are not supposed to cross the median and access the vehicles’ lanes on the other side. Driving across the median of a separated roadway is prohibited and any motorist who does so should be prepared to pay hefty fines.

Is It Legal To Drive Across The Median Of A Divided Highway

Who Makes the Divided Highway Sign?

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