Smart Work Zones

Smart Work Zone

The smart work zone system is designed to uphold efficiency on the roads. Roads from time to time undergo maintenance for one reason or another. If traffic leading to and at the construction points is not managed well, this could have serious consequences to the workers at hand and the public at large.

The construction points create traffic snarl-ups because of bottlenecks on the freeway. Workers at hand can also be faced with danger from irate drivers trying to get ahead of others through the bottlenecks.

Intelligent work zones are site-specific configurations run by traffic control technology. The system is designed to ensure that the safety of highway workers, as well as that of the road users, is realized. It minimizes road congestion while at the same time optimizes other aspects of traffic.

The unit provides accurate, reliable, and real-time information for motorists to act on. This is not only helpful on the day of planned maintenance but also the days leading to it. It enables road users to decide on alternate routing and timing for the day in question.

Not having real-time information causes motorists to get caught up in traffic. This is a potential cause for veering off into work spots, or braking suddenly causing accidents.

Intelligent work zone systems offer helpful real-time information at reasonable intervals and therefore keeps vehicles flowing as smoothly as possible.

Smart Work Zone

Worksafe Traffic Control Industries

We sell and repair top quality smart work zone equipment. Worksafe Traffic Control Industries, a women-owned business, has been in existence since 1990. We offer our competitive services to contractors, traffic control companies, governmental agencies, and safety-conscious professionals.

Our signs are of the highest quality and produced per the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control. We proudly service the New England area of the United States.
The units we provide include Queue Warning Systems, Dynamic Lane Merge Systems, Smart Arrow Boards, Traffic Data Collection, Variable Speed Limit Trailers, and more.

Types of Equipment

Variable Speed Limit Trailers

VSL trailers primarily slow motorists down but at the same time ensure that they keep on moving smoothly. High speed is the number one cause of work zone crashes—VSL trailer automatically adjusts per working schedule to manage the speed of traffic.

Management of traffic to this extent provides for increased capacity of the work zone and safety to workers at hand.

Queue Warning Systems

This is a real-time warning system for drivers aimed at reducing primary and secondary crashes. It engages advanced warning messages and signs upstream, for drivers to take extra care since they are alerted of what’s to come ahead. The unit has different types of sensors, which can determine among other things, the speed, volume, classification, gap, occupancy, and headway of the vehicles.

Dynamic Lane Merge Systems

This system gets rid of congestion occurring on a lane by closing another lane. Its main aim is to calm traffic and keep it moving. Through the prior signs of a slow-down, traffic is distributed and only merged at the designated point. This reduces upstream traffic conflict and ensures smooth movement at merge points.

Truck Entering Systems

It allows trucks to merge with normal traffic. This happens when a system with an HD camera detects slow-moving construction vehicles. At this point, a message is sent to the changeable message sign or flashing lights static board. This shows motorists a chance to change lanes, thus allowing a truck to merge safely.

Travel Time Information Systems

If a project is anticipated to add 15 minutes to travel time or delay is within 10 miles of a PCMS location; the use of a Traveler Information System should be considered. It allows drivers to decide among other things, whether to change routes.

Smart Arrow Boards

The Smart Arrow Board solution is a blend of hardware and software. It provides motorists with up-to-date routing information. It also gives them insight into the day-to-day operations of the work zones.

One of its main features is simple real-time roadway management. Through a map, monitor the arrow boards and thus make any changes necessary from the control point.

Alternative Traffic Routes

Alternative Traffic Route Systems primarily allows drivers to change their routes. By using a second Dynamic Message Panel, a dual-display sign is achieved. With traffic volume between two routes changing, real-time displays advise motorists which route to use.

If a project is anticipated to add 15 minutes to travel time or delay is within 10 miles of the changeable message sign location, this system should be used.

Traffic Data Collection

Worksafe Traffic Control Industries offers a variety of data collection devices for various uses. They are geared to collect traffic data, including speed of the vehicle, classification, gap, etc.

Work Zone Cameras

Use our work zone cameras to monitor your projects at any time, from anywhere. The solar-powered trailer ensures all-round clock surveillance. Some of the system’s features allow it to integrate into existing DOT roadway management centers, live-stream, and record footage.

Conflict Warning Systems

Some of these gadgets include workspace intrusion devices, over-dimension warnings units, and speed feedback signs. Their use should be considered in instances when workers are next to an open lane, so extra driving precautions are taken.

As long as motorists are notified of potential dangers ahead, they have the chance to adjust accordingly. This will keep roadways moving seamlessly and workers will be safe on the road.

Temporary Roadway Hazard Systems

This system may be temporarily used when hazardous driving conditions suddenly occur. These include flash flooding, snowplows ahead, curve warnings, and severe weather conditions. When the system is properly used and corrective action is taken, lives are saved.

Traffic Detection Trailers

This unit is an environmentally friendly platform that can be used in collaboration with the Intelligent Transportation System. It is battery-powered and capable of operating independently for long periods.

It may be utilized for real-time detection, for GPS in fleet management, integrated with DOT cameras, loop detectors, sensors, etc.

Traffic Detection Devices

Worksafe Traffic Control Industries Rental offers a variety of portable detection devices for different uses. They include Houston Radar, Wavetronix Smart Sensor HD, iCone, and Speed-Mac. These gadgets can gather a variety of travel information, including speed of the vehicle, classification, gap, etc.