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Types of Horizontal Alignment Warning Signs

There are different types of road signs: guide signs, warning signs, and regulatory signs. Horizontal alignment road signs are warning signs.

These signs are usually black-and-yellow-diamond-shape signs. The symbol on the sign is that of a meandering road with an arrow at the top indicating direction.
The use of a diamond shape, the black and yellow colors, and one distinct symbol makes the sign clear and as simple and precise as possible.

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Where to Place Horizontal Alignment Warning Signs

Like any other road sign, horizontal alignment warning signs must first be placed in a visible place. Drivers should be able to see these signs the moment they get to that area. Being one of the warning road signs, it is imperative that the driver does not miss it.
The horizontal alignment warning sign is placed on a road with two or more consecutive curves. They warn the driver to slow down and adjust their speed appropriately because of the series of road curves ahead.

The sign is only applicable where the series of corners are separated by less than a tangent of 120 meters. If the tangent between the curves is more than 120 meters, the curves should be indicated separately.

Also, the horizontal alignment warning sign can be accompanied by a supplemental sign that will communicate the winding conditions, including the distance that the road will be winding, helping the drivers safely adjust their speed and vehicle handling appropriately.

The distance indicator can be placed below the horizontal alignment warning sign, but the distance shown on the sign should be indicated in multiples of one kilometer.
Worksafe Traffic Control Industries can also make you the supplemental signs.

What Does a Horizontal Alignment Warning Sign Indicate?

Most roads in mountainous regions, coastal regions, open deserts, and sometimes even within cities are winding. This is because they are constructed as winding for different engineering reasons, or they had to circumvent uneven conditions or some permanent structures.

Horizontal alignment warning signs indicate a scenario where more than two consecutive road curves occur within six hundred feet. Hence these signs are used all through the country roads.
Although curves within provincial highways are indicated using separate curve signs, the use of horizontal alignment warning signs on lower-class roadways is quite common.

Why Are Horizontal Alignment Warning Signs Important?

Road curves are some of the most dangerous parts of any road. If a driver comes to a curve and has not calculated their speed and maneuver properly, they are most likely to veer off the road, leading to an accident.

Horizontal alignment warning signs do not only indicate a single curve but a multiple of them in close succession. If a single curve is catastrophic, a series of curves is worse. Therefore, a horizontal alignment warning sign is very important.

Furthermore, it should be a high-quality sign which is simple, clear, and visible.

The Worksafe TCI Difference

Work Safe Traffic Control Industries is committed to producing road signs that increase road safety. Our consistent delivery and fast turnaround times make us stand out in our market. In addition to our impressive performance track record working with businesses, local governments, state governments, government contractors, and the rest of our diverse clients, we are a women-owned business.

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