Traffic Detection Trailers

At Worksafe Traffic Control Industries, we offer a thorough list of equipment for not just conducting road work, but for doing it safely. An especially important aspect of working safely on the road is to be aware of how much traffic to expect, and what kind of driving to be prepared for. A traffic detection trailer is designed to monitor the road for as long as needed before beginning the job in order to understand what the regular traffic is like. This in turn allows the engineer designing the project to incorporate appropriate signage and safety equipment based on the amount of traffic and speed it tends to drive at in real time regardless of what the speed limit signs might say.

Traffic Detection Trailers

The Reason It’s Important

Such situations are going are going to have different needs for signage to slow or stop incoming traffic as workers are on or near the road. Without knowing the speed of traffic it’s impossible to know how far away to place warnings of the workers’ presence. The amount of traffic might dictate the need for multiple people holding signs instructing vehicles to stop or slow down, in other circumstances a few orange signs indicating a closed lane might be sufficient, along with traffic cones or barrels. The fact is, every situation is going to be different. There are some general guidelines to help determine a safe worksite, but the setting also needs to be individually evaluated for anything out of the ordinary.

What Features to Look For

Our traffic detection trailers further provide a camera for real time viewing of local traffic. If the data seems confusing or doesn’t seem to follow logical sense, simply have a good look at what’s going on can be informative. Perhaps a group of bicyclists or motorcyclists come through every day, explaining different speeds and vehicle weights as recorded by the trailer. On the other hand, huge tractor trailers may come by regularly, perhaps conducting pickups and deliveries for a nearby business.

Not all traffic detection sensors work the same. Ours use solar panels to charge a battery rather than requiring fuel for a generator. As an alternate to the camera, a microwave sensor or Doppler device can be installed. The entire trailer hooks to a regular vehicle trailer hitch which allows for easy transport without specialized equipment. Once the trailer is parked where it’s needed, it takes about 10 minutes or less to get set up and start monitoring traffic. Essentially, it just requires unfolding the solar panels and extending the 20 foot mast, which have to be secured during transport.

At that point, it uses wireless technology so anyone with proper authorization can check in on the unit from their office computer or cell phone. It’s very convenient to be able to check on the data as it comes in and begin making plans accordingly.

Contact Us

For more information about traffic trailers rental or purchase, contact us via telephone or email. We’ll have a representative get with you to discuss your needs and help determine a solution, both with traffic detection equipment and with any other gear you might need to assure the safety of your workers when they are working on the road or by the edge of the road. It’s a potentially dangerous job, but with the right precautions there’s no need to have direct injuries taking place with members of the road crew.