Temporary Traffic Control Signs Rental

Right Lane Closed
Temporary placards are a common sight on highways and any driver has passed by many of them, even if that’s not the name they used for them. Also called work zone signs, these temporary placards typically come in a square or a diamond shape and include black lettering on a bright orange background. One example of this kind of sign is a “Road Work Ahead” sign.

These signs are essential for controlling the flow of vehicles and keeping drivers (as well as workers) safe when passing through areas where work is being done on the road. They can be used to alert drivers that there is a diversion, detour, land closure, or controller flagger ahead of them. These placards indicate that a driver should slow down or follow other instructions for the safety of everyone on the road.

5 Temporary Traffic Control Signs for Rent

We mentioned one temporary control sign, the Road Work Ahead sign, but there are several others that you can purchase or rent when road work is being carried out. Some of the most commonly rented temporary control signs include the following:

Detour Signs

A detour sign gives a driver an indication that the current path they are taking is not usable and they will need to take a different route to a destination. For instance, if the main road is closed, drivers may be asked to take a side road for a limited period.

Slow Moving Vehicles Signs

A slow-moving vehicle sign might be posed on a road where vehicles that travel at low speeds are standard. This can include road maintenance vehicles, farm tractors, animal-drawn carts, and similar vehicles. It typically applies to vehicles going under 25 miles per hour. 

Right Lane Closed Signs

The right lane closed sign (as well as the left lane closed sign) are often used when maintenance or road work is occurring on one side of a street or highway. Drivers are given a warning so they can move into the lane that is not closed to keep vehicles moving safely.

Work Zone Signs

Work zone placards are placed where road workers are going to be doing things like repaving a road, restriping a road, widening a road, or handling road maintenance tasks. Drivers should slow down and be extra cautious in these areas to avoid accidents.

Mowing Ahead Signs

Someone has to take care of mowing the grass beside the roads, which is where this sign comes in. It offers extra awareness that a large lawnmower may be on or beside the current street.


There are dozens of other temporary vehicle control placards for rent, so you can choose the options that fit your needs. Whether you’re doing maintenance or significant work on a road, some placards help with safety, so everything goes smoothly throughout the process.

What are the Benefits of Renting Temporary Traffic Control Signs Over Purchasing?

DetourThere are nearly endless reasons why you might choose to rent temporary control placards instead of purchasing them outright. For one thing, it means you have access to any of the traffic control equipment you need, no matter what project is going on. It makes it easier to manage a highway job site when you have a variety of options.

You can also save money by choosing to rent, since purchasing all the needed placards can quickly add up. With everything else you need to pay for, such as gas for trucks and time costs, renting equipment can lower the overall cost of the job you’re focused on. The rental fee is going to be less than purchasing a sign and ensures you have everything you need.

Another benefit of renting rather than buying temporary traffic control signs is that you won’t need as much storage space for the traffic control equipment. Assuming you purchase the placards, when they aren’t in use, they still need somewhere to go. Extra storage is going to cost more money, so renting can save space and money at the same time

Beyond that, when you rent the signs for road work, you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality product. While buying placards also results in this, those are eventually going to experience wear and tear and adverse weather conditions that require them to be replaced. When renting, you get the highest quality products every time.

Where Can I Buy Temporary Traffic Control Signs?

Traffic barricades are routinely subjected to the harsh elements and placed in close proximity to people and their vehicles. That makes them very susceptible to sustaining damage.

Trying to keep the barricades free from damage is a full-time job and if you have limited manpower, you may not be able to assign anyone to watch over them. Instead of constantly worrying about your rented barricades getting damaged, it may be easier to simply buy them.

Buying barricades instead of renting is also a wise move due to convenience.

It’s hard to guess how many people will attend an event you’re hosting especially if it’s open to the public. That unpredictability makes crowd control a tougher task.

With barricades always on hand and ready to go, you don’t need to stress out about crowd control. You can be confident knowing that you have the right amount of the equipment required.

Buying barricades also makes sense if you know that you will need them often moving forward. The fees can start to pile up if you have to repeatedly rent the barricades. You could end up pocketing more savings if you decide to purchase the barricades right from the get-go.

The Case for Renting Traffic Barricades

Cost is the primary reason why renting barricades could turn out to be the smarter move for you. If it’s just one event or you’ll only need the barricades to keep people out of the construction site for a few days, then go ahead and rent. That will allow you to pour more of your resources into other aspects of your construction project or the event.

Renting barricades may also be your best option if you don’t have any convenient way to store them. Newer barricades are designed to be more portable and collapsible for easier storage, but if you need to keep a lot of them, you may still run out of room.

One more benefit to renting barricades is that the company providing them may be able to help you when the time comes to set them up. When they arrive at the site with the barricades in tow, you may be able to ask them how to properly arrange the barricades.

Where Should I Buy or Rent Traffic Barricades From?

Worksafe Traffic Control Industries, Inc. offers a wide selection of temporary traffic control signs for rent or to own. Each sign is MUTCD-certified and compliant and the average order will get to you in seven days. Find out more about our high-quality signs by visiting our website and signing up for a consultation.