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While you may not have heard of Pi-Lit Products as a household brand name, you likely have encountered some of their outstanding traffic control products along roadways you have driven on. Founded in 2013, the company has quickly secured a strong niche in the traffic control industry by manufacturing innovative and high-quality products for the traffic and transportation control industry. Some of the most outstanding products developed and sold by Pi-Lit are described below.

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About Pi-Lit Products

Pi-Lit Products has been around for the last seven years, and during that time all their efforts have been focused on the development, manufacturing, and support of advanced road safety products earmarked for use in the transportation industry. One of the biggest successes of Pi-Lit Products has been its network topology for light sequencing, which is commonly referred to as a mesh.

The method in which this innovative mesh networking has been applied to road safety technology has allowed the company to secure 16 separate patents. All products developed by the company are assembled at their facilities in Arizona and California, with more than 90% of all components used being made within three miles of those facilities.

Not only does this make for a very tight supply chain, but it also allows for a higher level of quality control, which in turn contributes to the making of extremely reliable and durable products. Companies around the globe have quickly seen the advantage of using Pi-Lit Products on their roadway systems, and as a result, these products are now in use throughout the Middle East, Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Europe, Canada, Australia, and the United States.

Attenuator Impact Management Systems

Crash attenuators are designed with the intention that they will be sacrificed when struck by a vehicle, so as to avoid an even worse situation for the driver. The purpose of Attenuator Impact Management Systems is to provide real-time information on the status of a crash attenuator, as well as its guardrails, crash cushions, maintenance contractor information, crash history, and all inspection notes, on a single dashboard that a manager would have access to.

This will allow you to receive a notification the minute any kind of incident has occurred, so the precise location can be pinpointed and the exact time of day can be noted. The actual AIMS device is no bigger than a deck of cards, and only weighs approximately 8 ounces. Even so, you can count on receiving five years of battery life, regardless of the kind of climate where the device is installed. This can be an extremely valuable service to have in place, especially when it’s necessary to avoid having an already compromised crash cushion run into a second time.

In this case, there would be virtually no crash attenuation for the driver, and a serious injury is likely to be the result. If you don’t have an AIMS device installed, you would never know that there has been an impact at all, and that means there could easily be a second crash event which is even more deadly than the original. By receiving real-time texts and emails about any event which has occurred, appropriate steps can be taken to avoid a follow-up incident.

Smart Lights

Smart lights provide a sequential guidance flare for drivers so they can avoid hazardous traffic situations, and can drive around sites where vehicles are parked, or disabled vehicles are situated. In operation, the sequential guidance flares have successive lights triggered in a direction and a shape which alerts drivers to the safer pathway which should be taken, around any road hazard.

This kind of system provides advanced warning and guidance for vehicle operators, and undoubtedly allows for greater safety to be practiced on the roadways. They’re designed for harsh road conditions, so they’re extremely durable and can withstand weather elements, as well as conditions they’re subjected to in daily traffic. It’s even possible to drive over them without damaging them, since they have 30,000 pounds of crush strength, which is about ten times what a typical car weighs.

Traditional Lights

Pi-Lit traffic lamps are only traditional in the sense that they have a design similar to those which have been used frequently in the past. The innovative new firmware included in these lamps increases their brightness by at least three times over that of traditional lamps, and the rugged housing keeps them safe from all kinds of weather elements because it’s made of high-density polypropylene.

The 3V system offers more than six months of battery life, and runs on four D-cell batteries, whereas the 6V system also provides more than six months of battery life using two 6-volt batteries. Pi-Lit also manufactures solar powered lamps which are capable of operating for more than two weeks without sunlight.

These are environmentally friendly lamps which can be recharged in less than an hour. They are the most durable and the lightest solar kind of A/C lamp available in today’s market. Traditional yellow cases are normally provided for these A/C lamps, but custom colors can also be obtained by request. Capable of operating in a temperature range from 60 below 0 to 140°F, these lamps can endure almost any kind of weather.

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