Benefits Of Speed Cameras

Work Zone Cameras

Work zone cameras ultimately have three primary functions, those functions being project management, incident detection, and aiding in first responder dispatch. The utilization of cameras in a work allows for the creation of a safe environment for not only the roadworkers, but also for the civilians passing through.

Types of Cameras and Sensors

The first thing to understand about cameras is they require a source power and a means of being positioned to get a reasonable view of the area being surveilled. Therefore, cameras intended to be used by road work crews are mounted to a 20-foot pole on a trailer, along with solar panels and rechargeable batteries. The trailer hooks to any standard trailer hitch, so it can be towed to the site, then it can be locked and left there for as long as needed.

Power Supply

The batteries keep the camera on during the night and on rainy days, the solar panels recharge them when the sun comes out. These camera systems also make use of wireless technology to provide a wi-fi hotspot, so the camera can be viewed and controlled remotely from a computer or smartphone.

Further Uses

The main purpose of such cameras is to protect the work crew, and increase the safety of the work site overall. In the misfortunate event an accident does occur, having an active camera can aid in the dispatch of first responders to the scene.

In a more preventative capacity, these cameras can be used to remotely observe the traffic flow throughout the day, and ensure that the work zone is best equipped to handle the level of traffic. Even better, people at the office can review and approve of the site through the camera to assure everything is set up properly to give the workers the room they need to conduct the job while maintaining the best possible traffic flow.

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