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Types of Variable Message Signs

When it comes to traffic signs, you may need one that can change from time to time. That’s where a variable message sign (VMS) comes in. A VMS is a type of traffic sign that can be changed as needed. This could be due to construction, an accident, or even inclement weather.

Variable message signs are controlled by a computer programmed to display different messages. If the sign has a modem, the operator can change the message on the sign remotely.

The operator can also choose to have the sign display a message for a certain amount of time. After the time has elapsed, the sign will automatically change to the next message.

Changeable message signs come in different varieties, such as:

  • Matrix Message
  • Three-Line Message
  • Metro Compact Message
  • Truck Mount Message
  • Pole Mount Message
  • Mini-Matrix Message
  • And More

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Where to Place Variable Message Signs

Your variable message sign should be placed in a location that is visible to drivers. It should also be placed in an area where it will not be obstructed by trees, buildings, or other objects.

When placing your sign, you should also keep in mind the speed limit of the area. The faster the speed limit, the further away your sign should be placed.

If you are using a mounted sign, it should be placed at least 10 feet away from the travel lane. When using a portable sign, place it at least 20 feet away from the travel lane.

Variable Message Sign

What does a Variable Message Sign Indicate?

You can use these signs to indicate important messages related to traffic conditions. This could be a change in the speed limit, an accident ahead, or even road construction.
These signs can also warn drivers of dangerous conditions such as ice, fog, blowing snow, or even a detour. During major events, you can use your changeable sign to indicate event parking ahead.

Why are Variable Message Signs Important?

A changeable sign is very versatile, which is why they are so important. By being able to change the message on the sign, you can give drivers up-to-date information about the conditions on the road.

This flexibility is especially important during construction or accidents. By having a sign that you can easily change, there is no need to close down a lane of traffic.

These signs increase safety. By warning drivers of dangerous conditions, you can help prevent accidents. Dangerous conditions such as inclement weather can happen suddenly, so it’s important to have a sign that can change quickly.

Variable message signs are an important part of keeping traffic flowing smoothly. By being able to change the message on the sign, you can keep drivers updated on the conditions of the road at a moment’s notice. As long as the driver can see far enough ahead, they will have enough time to make a necessary detour with little problems.

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