Conflict Warning Systems

Having the proper conflict warning system as a part of your project is vital to the safety of your workers.

Queue Warning Systems Signs

Whenever a municipality is planning road maintenance or new construction, employing a conflict warning system can inform drivers, keep traffic flowing, and ultimately save lives. It is also important to remember that taxpayer resources are paying for these projects, so being a responsible steward of those dollars means working with a company that understands competitive pricing, the bid process, and has experience working with business and government contractors.

When it comes to choosing the right partner to manufacture conflict warning systems, we provide high-quality products for purchase or rental, and the service and support to back them up. Conflict warning systems may be temporary in nature, like portable signage that instruct drivers on upcoming lane changes or obstacles. Particularly on highways, the more informed drivers are as they navigate road construction, the safer that area will be for workers and drivers.

Permanent conflict warning systems can also improve safety at busy intersections, especially if they have blind sight lines or have a history of accidents. Intelligent sensors can be placed in locations that sense vehicles approaching and engage driver alert features — like a blinking light — to get drivers’ attention and counteract distractions. These easy-to-install pieces are solar-powered, which means they can save you money on installation, by eliminating the need to run electrical lines. Solar power also means that your warning systems will continue to operate even in the event of power failure. If your area experiences a weather emergency or other crises that interrupts power, having a conflict warning system will become even more important.

MUTCD-Compliant Conflict Warning Systems

All Worksafe Traffic Control Industries’ products are compliant with standards established in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). We provide the highest quality, reliable products competitively priced to our customers. When taxpayer funding supports projects, municipalities need to ensure that every aspect will perform dependably and has been competitively sourced.

Working with a responsive company that understands the importance of a fast turn-around will prevent unnecessary delays that could cost your organization time and money. Our team can provide conflict warning systems equipment within seven days, so your projects do not have to experience expensive delays. Once the project makes it to the field last-minute updates can be made to increase safety and address issues you have not anticipated.

Worksafe Traffic Control Industries is a manufacturer of traffic and commercial signs, and a distributor of devices for traffic control and incident management equipment. We are a woman-owned business that has offered quality products back by expertise and service for over 25 years. Whatever conflict warning systems are necessary, we can deliver products to be a part of your road construction and incident safety needs.