Conflict Warning Systems

Having the proper conflict warning system as a part of your project is vital to the safety of your workers.

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Whenever a municipality is planning road maintenance or new construction, employing a conflict warning system can inform drivers, keep traffic flowing, and ultimately save lives. It is also important to remember that taxpayer resources are paying for these projects, so being a responsible steward of those dollars means working with a company that understands competitive pricing, the bid process, and has experience working with business and government contractors.

When it comes to choosing the right partner to manufacture conflict warning systems, we provide high-quality products for purchase or rental, and the service and support to back them up. Conflict warning systems may be temporary in nature, like portable signage that instruct drivers on upcoming lane changes or obstacles. Particularly on highways, the more informed drivers are as they navigate road construction, the safer that area will be for workers and drivers.

Permanent conflict warning systems can also improve safety at busy intersections, especially if they have blind sight lines or have a history of accidents. Intelligent sensors can be placed in locations that sense vehicles approaching and engage driver alert features — like a blinking light — to get drivers’ attention and counteract distractions. These easy-to-install pieces are solar-powered, which means they can save you money on installation, by eliminating the need to run electrical lines. Solar power also means that your warning systems will continue to operate even in the event of power failure. If your area experiences a weather emergency or other crises that interrupts power, having a conflict warning system will become even more important.

MUTCD-Compliant Conflict Warning Systems

All Worksafe Traffic Control Industries’ products are compliant with standards established in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). We provide the highest quality, reliable products competitively priced to our customers. When taxpayer funding supports projects, municipalities need to ensure that every aspect will perform dependably and has been competitively sourced.

Working with a responsive company that understands the importance of a fast turn-around will prevent unnecessary delays that could cost your organization time and money. Our team can provide conflict warning systems equipment within seven days, so your projects do not have to experience expensive delays. Once the project makes it to the field last-minute updates can be made to increase safety and address issues you have not anticipated.

Worksafe Traffic Control Industries is a manufacturer of traffic and commercial signs, and a distributor of devices for traffic control and incident management equipment. We are a woman-owned business that has offered quality products back by expertise and service for over 25 years. Whatever conflict warning systems are necessary, we can deliver products to be a part of your road construction and incident safety needs.

Intersection Conflict Warning System for Sale

Types of Intersection Conflict Warning Systems
There are many types of intersection warning systems for government agencies and businesses to implement. These systems can be used to warn drivers of potential danger ahead of time to prohibit vehicle crashes.

When it comes to a busy intersection, you need to make sure all of your signage is visible to all drivers.

Types of systems can include both temporary and permanent signage. Some intersections may have temporary issues such as construction, road blocks or accidents. Permanent signs may have been damaged due to weather conditions or bad accidents, leading to the use of a temporary one.

Traffic Signals

These are the most common type of conflict warning system in use. These systems use a flashing light and sound to warn driver about:

  • A potential traffic stop or accident
  • At an intersection, these systems can tell drivers when traffic is approaching and when they can enter traffic. Flashing yellow lights are used as a warning
  • When to stop or slow down.

Road Signs – these can be either physical or digital. They can warn drivers about a range of things such as construction work zones, upcoming lane changes, speed limits, and more. These signs tell people on the ground about the situation and how to avoid it.

For example, knowing that a construction zone ahead alerts drivers to slow down and be extra cautious of workers on the road.

Intelligent Sensors

Such sensors are able to detect a range of situations and alert drivers accordingly. They can detect when a car is approaching an intersection and send a warning signal to grab their attention.

They tell drivers to look for traffic and can indicate which direction a vehicle is coming from.

When it comes to these types of systems, you want to make sure they are produced by someone who knows what they are doing. Contact the professionals at WorkSafe TCI and we will have your high-quality conflict warning system ready in seven days.

Where to Place Intersection Conflict Warning Systems

You should always place these types of warning systems at intersections where there is a lot of traffic. Drivers have to see the signs, so place them where there are no obstructions such as trees or buildings.

Place them right at the entrance of the intersection and on the left and right sides of the intersection. Regardless of what type of vehicle someone is driving, they should be able to view the signs. You also want to reduce the likelihood of a car hitting the signage.

Why are Intersection Conflict Warning Systems Important?

These conflict warning systems are important because they help to reduce accidents and injuries. Intersections can be dangerous, and drivers need to be aware of traffic coming from all directions. At times, driving at an intersection can be difficult, so drivers need all the direction they can get. These systems have reduced accidents by as much as 30 percent.
Accidents at intersections can create catastrophic accident pileups due to the different directions so many cars are flowing in.

The WorkSafe TCI Difference

When you trust the professionals at WorkSafe TCI to implement your conflict warning system, you can rest assured that you are dealing with professionals who care about the product and the safety of the public. We never cut corners and only deliver high-quality products and services. We have been a trusted government and business contractor for over 20 years.

We are also a woman-owned business. We offer digital and traditional signs. If anything needs to be installed, our team will do so. If anyone needs training on any of our traffic control systems, we are proud to do so. Trust us to deliver your product on time – in seven days. We make all of our own signage and swear to uphold the quality on anything we produce. All of our products are MUTCD-compliant. Contact us today for your traffic sign needs.

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