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What Does a Winding Road Sign Mean Exactly?

There are quite a few road signs in use across the United States, and most make use of a single image to quickly communicate to driver’s important information. One that many drivers will encounter in a variety of locations is the Winding Road Sign, a yellow diamond-shaped warning sign that is quite distinctive visually. These […]

5 Most Common Construction Signs and Their Meanings

These days, you’ll be able to find all kinds of road signs over the course of an afternoon drive. You may even spot some that you don’t recognize. Not knowing the exact meaning of all the indicators you see is understandable but you should work to change that. Road placards are essential for the purposes […]

What Does an End of Road Work Sign Mean?

Worksafe Traffic Control Industries is a women-owned business that was founded in 1993 by Lorena Laprade and Debra Ricker. We began manufacturing temporary construction signs in a small shop garage. Throughout the years, we have made it our goal and full intention to provide products focused on safety and effectiveness while producing those products in […]

The Benefits of Traffic Control Signs Rental?

Traffic control signs are essential in helping maintain and control order on the highways, on construction sites and workplaces, and also in the management of incidents. To general contractors, after labor costs, equipment is mostly the second biggest outlay, and depending on how it Is acquired, it can greatly improve productivity. That is why depending […]

What Does HOV Mean On US Highways

HOV means High Occupancy Vehicle lanes. They are also referred to as carpool lanes, transit lanes, or T3/T2 lanes. Essentially, these lanes are reserved for buses, vanpools, and carpools. The lanes are strategically located next to the standard lanes and designed to allow passengers and other road users who ride the bus or carpool to […]