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Some Work Zone and Road Construction Safety Tips to Follow

At Worksafe Traffic Control Industries, our company’s main focus is delivering solutions that help make road construction zones safer for everyone, from workers to drivers to pedestrians. For the purposes of this blog post, we are going to focus on a few habits drivers should get into to ensure they drive safely through construction zones. […]

Choosing the Right Stands for Roll-Up Signage in Vermont

When you’re setting up a construction area on a roadway, it’s important you invest in high-quality portable road work signs to properly alert everyone on the road of the upcoming construction zone to ensure the safety of all the workers. Part of investing in that signage is making sure you have high-quality stands that keep […]

Road Workers Can Benefit from These Work Zone Safety Tips in Vermont

Every year there are far too many accidents that occur in construction zones on our nation’s highways. Unfortunately, many of these accidents turn out to be fatal. While much of the onus is on drivers to make sure they adjust their driving practices to be reasonably safe when passing through work zones, there are also […]

Tips for Improving Highway Sign Visibility in Vermont

Any sign that’s posted on a highway needs to be visible—a lack of highway sign visibility in Vermont can quickly become a safety issue, especially if the sign is meant to alert people to upcoming hazards or to post speed limits. In some cases, the level of visibility a sign has could be the difference […]

Preventing Collisions with Wrong Way Signs

It’s happened to everyone. You’re in a new area, or you’re in a hurry, and you take a quick turn onto a strange street. A few feet down the road, you spot it: that vibrant, alarming red square with authoritative white type. It’s a “wrong way” sign. Panic grips your stomach. You pull to the […]