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What is the Most Effective Type of Flare for Temporary Traffic Control?

Road flares for temporary traffic control are used when construction, accidents, work zones, or downed tree limbs or power lines create a need to alert drivers to a changed traffic pattern. The most effective type of road flare will be clearly seen at night or during low-visibility conditions such as snow or rainstorms. Flares are […]

What are the 5 Different Areas in a Work Zone?

Often, construction work zones must control vehicular traffic in opposition to normal roadway patterns. Different roadway signs and devices are used to warn and channel cars and pedestrians along safe travel paths until they reach the end of the protected work zone. There are 5 different areas in a work zone that must include either […]

5 Smart Work Zone Systems for Improved Safety and Traffic Flow

Worker safety lies in setting up work zones that reduce inherent hazards as much as possible to protect drivers and workers. Smart work zones offer signage and information to mitigate the danger of collisions caused by inattentive drivers. Work zone safety has strict requirements. Per the Model Uniform Traffic Code (MUTC) in Section 6D.03 temporary […]

Smart Devices You Should Have for Short Term Traffic Control

A smart traffic control system is vital to keeping drivers and pedestrians safe. Many devices can be used as part of a smart traffic control system, but six of the most important are wands, grabber cones, portable speed humps, concrete barricades, steel barricades, and paddles. Wands Wands are one of the most visible forms of […]

How Variable Message Signs Help to Avoid Accidents

For many government agencies and their contractors, safety for their workers and their clients is of the upmost importance. One of the best ways to ensure that safety is to keep constant and accurate communication with everyone who is using a roadway that is being repaired. Variable message signs can be a great way to […]