Roll Up Signs


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Roll-Up Signs are constructed with two orange fiberglass battens (ribs) that crisscross the back and provide stability for the sign itself.
Battens can then be secured in a variety of different ways.
We feature our 4 Lexan pocket option, as well as half Lexan, Lock Pocket™, and sewn pocket options. They can be used with a variety of stands that we also carry.

• Features
• Full range of sizes and materials available
• Meets MUTCD requirements
• Full range of standard legends, plus custom legends upon request
• Made of high-quality retro-reflective and non-reflective materials
• Various pocket choices specific to your project
• Proudly constructed in America

This product requires a stand to stand up. We recommend the Compact C-Stand with Coil. 

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 6 × 6 in
Roll Up Signs

36" with Be Prepared to Stop, 36" with Flagger Symbol, 36" with One Lane Road Ahead, 36" with Road Work Ahead, 36" with Roadside Mow, 36" with Utility Work Ahead, 48" with Be Prepared to Stop, 48" with Flagger Symbol, 48" with One Lane Road Ahead, 48" with Road Work Ahead, 48" with Utility Work Ahead


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