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S3-2 (School Bus Turn Ahead)

When drivers are close to a school area, they need to look for children and parents walking and crossing the road. School Crossing signs notify drivers of these spots so that they can slow down and pay closer attention to any pedestrians that may need to cross.

School Crossing signs come in various styles, but the most common option is a pentagram shape with a yellow background and black graphics. The graphic in the center depicts an adult walking next to a child. The sign may or may not have the words “School Crossing” written above or below the image.

Why are School Crossing Signs Important?

Each year, roughly 100 children are injured or killed in traffic collisions in school areas. In many cases, the incident is entirely preventable since either the driver or the pedestrian was not paying attention. Depending on the type of school, children may be more distracted, creating more potentially dangerous situations. For example, about 1 in 4 high school students are distracted pedestrians, while in middle school, that figure is 1 in 6.

School Crossing signs help alleviate these hazards by warning drivers that they are in a school zone. Not only should drivers pay closer attention to the road to avoid hitting anyone, but they can also receive steep fines.
Another reason why these signs are so crucial is that they remind drivers even when school is not in session. Since schools are often in residential areas, it makes sense that children will likely be out and about outside of school hours. So, these signs can help inspire vigilance and diligence from all drivers.

Types of School Crossing Signs

As we mentioned, the most common School Crossing sign is a pentagon with a graphic of an adult walking a child. However, there are quite a few unique sign designs available, such as:

  • Slow – Student Crossing – In this case, the walking graphic is accompanied by text reading “Slow: Student Crossing.” This sign is also a vertical rectangle. As a rule, a combination of text and icons works better than either option by itself. In this case, drivers can spot the sign and not misunderstand what the graphic is trying to say.
  • Student Crossing – This sign has a diamond shape and says the words “student crossing.”
  • School Xing – Instead of writing the entire word, this sign states “Xing.” This is another diamond-shaped sign.
  • Stop – Watch for Pedestrians – Slow signs tell drivers to slow down and pay closer attention to the road. Stop signs tell drivers to make a complete stop before continuing forward. This sign mentions pedestrians, but it can also say students or children instead. This sign is a vertical rectangle with a white background.

In addition to picking specific School Crossing sign designs, you can choose one of unique materials. Here’s a quick rundown of the options available:

  • Diamond-Grade Aluminum – If you’re placing signs with lots of foot and vehicle traffic, you should upgrade to diamond aluminum. This material is the most reflective and durable, with products lasting at least 12 years.

Where to Place School Crossing Signs

According to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), School Crossing signs need to be placed on each approach to a crosswalk near a school. These signs also work well in tandem with white “School Zone” signage.

The Manual also states that these signs need excellent reflectivity and visibility. So, in most cases, engineer-grade aluminum won’t cut it.

Why WorkSafe TCI?

As you can see, School Crossing signs are a vital component of city planning. Without these signs, children may cross recklessly, putting their lives in danger.

WorkSafe TCI understands the challenges you face, including with compliance and implementation. We have decades of experience, and we offer fast turnaround times. Your order is in good hands with us.

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