Trailer-Mounted Light Towers

A small work light might get the job done when you are doing a project at home, but job sites require a lot lighter. Trailer-mounted light towers are a great way to cast a bright light over an area no matter how dark it is outside. These light towers are commonly used on construction sites and for mining and oil work.

In addition to being used on job sites, trailer-mounted light towers are also a great way to provide lighting in a pinch for special events, emergency response and several other situations. These lights are easy to move and set up, which is a must for emergency use and temporary events. Solar light towers can also help save a significant amount of money, which is important when you are running a light this powerful.

Portable Solar Light Tower 4000s

Portable Solar Light Tower 4000S

The Ver-Mac Portable Solar Light Tower 4000S is a powerful solar light tower that provides an excellent return on investment.

  • Compact light tower design
  • 42,000 lumens light output
  • Solar-powered, cost efficient
  • Perfect for work zones, parking lots, special events, and emergency response.

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This compact solar light tower provides a blast of bright light in a compact package, which makes it great for parking lots, work zones and other areas where light is a must. Not only does this light tower make it easier for people to work, but it also helps keep people safe at night.

The Portable Solar Light Tower 4000S saves you thousands per year in fuel and labor costs when compared to the diesel light towers that people traditionally use. Despite saving all that money, you do not have to sacrifice visibility since this tower has a total of 42k lumens of lighting power. A 295-watt solar panel means the Portable Solar Light Tower 4000S will always have enough power if you position it correctly.


Dimensions and Weights

  • Operating length: 84 in. (2137 mm)
  • Operating width: 71 in. (1791 mm)
  • Operating height: 240 in. (6096 mm)
  • Traveling length: 149 in. (3789 mm)
  • Traveling width: 71 in. (1791 mm)
  • Traveling height: 101 in. (2559 mm)
  • Weight (approx.): 1562 lbs. (710 kg)
  • Axle/suspension: 2000 lbs. (907 kg)

Portable Solar Light Tower 4000s

Portable Solar Light Tower 6000S

If power is your primary concern when it comes to a light tower, the Portable Solar Light Tower 6000S is the perfect choice:

  • 63,000 total lumens
  • 6 adjustable lamps
  • Nightbright technology gives 40% more lighting power
  • 360-degree 900W rotating solar panel

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Dimensions and Weights

  • Operating length: 134 in. (3407 mm)
  • Operating width: 96 in. (2445 mm)
  • Operating height: 306 in. (7777 mm)
  • Traveling length: 128 in. (3251 mm)
  • Traveling width: 82 in. (2075 mm)
  • Traveling height: 108 in. (2750 mm)
  • Weight (approx.): 2700 lbs. (1225 kg)
  • Axle/suspension: 3500 lbs. (1588 kg)

Benefits of solar-powered light towers versus diesel

When choosing a light tower for your construction work zone, you have several choices to make. Utilizing a solar-powered light tower helps with your work zone’s budget as well as cuts down on maintenance time and costs for your light towers.

Our solar-powered light towers offer 40% more lighting power at a lower cost than fuel-powered lights. With a low cost of ownership and little to no maintenance, our light towers are the perfect answer to your crew’s lighting needs.

Does Worksafe Offer Trailer-Mounted Light Tower Rentals?

Trailer-Mounted Light Towers are not available for rental, due to their size and the nature of their use. If you need help determining what unit will work best for your work site or needs, please feel free to contact us at Worksafe Traffic Control Industries. Our knowledgeable staff will be able to help you identify the light tower that will be most beneficial to you.

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Light is one of the most important aspects of a safe workplace, but it is also important to keep non-workers safe. Whether you are lighting up a parking lot, illuminating a job site or holding an event at night, trailer-mounted light towers are a quick and easy way to deliver portable light to an area. If you have a work zone that needs a little extra light or you are planning on holding a nighttime event soon, contact Worksafe Traffic Control Industries to find out more about renting a trailer-mounted light tower.