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ITS Smart Traffic Solutions

Worksafe has been providing intelligent solutions throughout New England for over ten years now. We offer sales and or rental options. Call the experts today for a consultation to discuss your project needs and goals.

We offer the full package from the design phase to implementation, deployment as well as short- or long-term 24/7 maintenance services. We also offer equipment repair as well.

We have a very large fleet of message signs, arrow boards, signals, trailer mounted video cameras, queue detection, speed placards, and microwave technologies we offer for rent. We specialize in smart work zone and real-time traffic solutions. Whether you need real-time traffic information, queue warning system, dynamic lane merge, conflict warnings or alternative route information Worksafe is the one to call. Worksafe is first in safety, intelligent solutions and service.

Indicators do more than alert us about road conditions and changes. They keep us safe. We’ve been in the business of keeping drivers safe and informed for many years. Our indicators reflect current road conditions and laws as well as uphold patterns and rules that have been in place for many years. We give customers the option to rent or buy the placards they need and are involved in the process from the design to implementation. We also offer customers both short and long-term maintenance services around the clock. We perform repair services for equipment as well. However, our offerings don’t stop there. We provide a full menu of services that include arrow boards, trailer mounted video cameras, message indicators, and signals. We also offer microwave technologies, queue detection, and speed placards. We believe that smart work zones keep everyone safe. This is why intelligent work zones and real-time solutions are one of our many specializations. Worksafe understands the power of placards that communicate. Dynamic lane merges, conflict warnings, and alternative route information are all examples of indicators that alert motorists and keep everyone safe. Worksafe is committed to unwavering safety, excellent customer service, and practical solutions.

Smart Highway Road Signs

Highway road signs prevent accidents by communicating important messages that keep drivers safe and help them to anticipate future patterns. These promote safety and efficiency by guiding the flow of movement and preventing accidents. These not only provide general information and guidelines prevalent all over the nation, but they also provide regional and local guidelines that help keep drivers informed and safe. These can’t legally display any advertising. The messages are designed to be clear, and easy to understand. Even the locations of these are carefully considered to give motorists awareness and time to react and adjust. These are designed with lighting, size, shape, and color, in mind. The goal is to attract attention and awareness in a clear and obvious way.

Changeable Road Signs

Changeable road signs can deliver up to the minute information that is invaluable to the flow of vehicles and safety of drivers. These display messages can be changed as needed. The versatility of these allows messages to be changed using programmed lighting. Messages can be changed to reflect more expedient messages when needed. For example, a trucking weigh station would have the ability to quickly let truckers know whether a station was open or closed which could prevent blockages and stalls in patterns, as well as a whole host of other issues. These work by displaying the changed message and making the original message not visible. These are used to reflect a current condition that helps the flow of vehicles and communicates important messages to drivers.

Smart Construction Signs

Smart lights are instrumental in preventing accidents and controlling and guiding the flow of traffic. In essence, they clearly and urgently convey messages that impact safety positively and prevent accidents. These are primarily designed to help drivers avoid hazardous situations. The goal is to alert drivers early enough to create alternative routes and provide options that motorists can take to avoid a potentially dangerous driving situation. These typically feature sequential lights that flash and can be seen from a distance. The visibility and flashing lights are attention-grabbing and give drivers time to make safe driving choices and to avoid potentially dangerous situations. In addition to extreme visibility, these are built to withstand extreme weather conditions. They can also withstand 30,000 tons of crush-ability. This is heavier than 10 times the average weight of a car.

Worksafe designs indicators with the safety and well being of drivers in mind. The goal is to guide and impact roadways and highways to prevent hazardous situations and reduce accidents. Worksafe also focuses on the need for indicators that may reflect rapidly changing patterns or dangerous situations because we understand that conditions can change in seconds, just as patterns and a wide variety of other situations can. We design placards that are clear and easily communicate messages. Some of these messages may reflect well-known laws but still serve as a reminder to drivers at different times and in various locations, whether it’s on the freeway or on local roads. The obvious goal of all road indicators is safety for all drivers as well as impromptu information that can provide alternative solutions when needed and overall education and awareness for motorists. If you require signage, we have answers for you. We can design products from inception that reflect messages you need to convey to drivers in a particular area or several areas. We work to meet the needs of our customers and promote awareness as well as driver safety.

Permanently Installed Smart Solutions

Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (RRFB) – Single Sided

Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (RRFB) - Single Sided
  • Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon or RRFB provides high visibility to motorists approaching pedestrian crosswalks
  • Meets the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) requirements for all approved flash patterns
  • Flashes in a new WW+S flash pattern
  • Features a high visibility pedestrian confirmation light, black or yellow powder-coated aluminum enclosure, and is pedestrian-activated
  • Fits easily onto existing signposts, and can be installed by city crews with minimal disruptions
  • Great for mid-block crosswalks, trail crossings, and unsignalized intersections
  • The Single-Sided RRFB faces one direction. You can choose an optional sign to accompany the RRFB. You will receive one sign
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Solar Powered Flashing Beacons

Solar Powered Flashing Beacons
  • Notifies drivers of important traffic messages
  • AC or solar-powered
  • Ideal for towns, cities, schools, hospitals, college campuses, military, and industrial settings
Solar Powered Flashing Beacons

Solar Powered Radar Speed Signs

Tc 600 Solar With Displa
  • Meets MUTCD S5-1 School Speed Limit Sign with the Safe Pace 100 solar rate radar
  • Movement radar display placards have been shown to slow driver and average of 10% usually for several miles
  • Compact and offers exceptional visibility and power efficiency in a lightweight, portable solution

Variable Speed Limit Signs

Variable Speed Limit Signs
  • Allows you to display limits based on work or school zone scheduling
  • Highly visible 15″ LED digits ensure motorists are aware when the limit has changed
  • Unique light-enhancing, anti-glare lens system provides brilliant visibility even in poor lighting
  • Stealth mode allows the sign to collect baseline commuting data while display appears blank to motorists
  • With the SP 550 easily program limits by time of day or week
  • Ideal solution for locations with changing limits such as school zones or work zones

iCone Traffic Beacon

iCone Traffic Beacon
  • Simple operation – drop it on the roadside and flip a switch to activate
  • Autonomous – power budgeting and board design result in weeks of operation without recharging
  • Universal coverage – special satellite modems provide network communications on every road in North America
  • High accuracy positioning – GPS identifies the exact lane that is closed
  • Vehicle rate detection – average speeds are transmitted to measure congestion
  • Durable construction – waterproof, shock resistant, one moving part (the switch)
  • Full support lease arrangement – simple lease model covers all costs of communications, servers and web-based information delivery
  • Data processing – reporting and monitoring

Variable Speed Limit Trailer

Variable Speed Limit Trailer
  • Utilized in both a fixed mounted application or portable application providing the best solution for your highway safety needs
  • An L.E.D. display allows optimum viewing for varying highway speeds
  • Speed limit sign can be controlled from a remote location allowing immediate changing of the posted limit to help control movement due to an incident or inclement weather
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Trailer Mounted Queue Detection

Trailer Mounted Queue Detection
  • Portable trailer that provides a versatile and lightweight platform with a small footprint to mount a microwave radar unit to detect rate of movement, volume and occupancy for up to 22 lanes.
  • Can provide data remotely to a variety of information- gathering components

Mobile Video Trailer

Mobile Video Trailer
  • Portable, self-contained all-weather, trailer-mounted equipment platform
  • Provides the end user a rapidly deployable real-time video system viewable from a remote location
  • Used as a stand-alone camera system or tied into a larger existing CCTV system

Info Processing Systems

Info Processing Systems
By providing secure log-in access, the web-based system allows all approved users to have administrator rights to not only view all real-time motorist conditions, but also respond to incidents as quickly as they occur. This can include monitoring of all lanes to capture speed, volume, density, and vehicle classification.

  • Real-Time Traffic Management
  • Smart Work Zone Systems
  • Automated Work Zone ITS
  • Dynamic Merge Solutions
  • Travel Time Systems

PC1000 Pole Mounted Camera

Pole Mounted Camera
  • Portable temporary or permanent mounting application for your video needs.
  • Power supply can be hard-wired, a trickle charge battery pack, or through a solar and battery configuration.
  • Allows you to monitor conditions or surveillance areas remotely and can be used in multiple applications with several camera options available
  • Features:
  • Camera flexibility
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom/High Definition/360° rotation
  • Time-lapse video
  • Date/Time stamping/Streaming video archiving
  • Multi-function camera and sensor capability
  • Bluetooth options
  • Wavetronix options
  • Custom enclosures
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Questions about the products and services we offer at Worksafe Traffic Control Industries? Call us at (603) 224-0880 or contact us online.

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