Preventing Collisions with Wrong Way Signs

Wrong Way SignIt’s happened to everyone. You’re in a new area, or you’re in a hurry, and you take a quick turn onto a strange street. A few feet down the road, you spot it: that vibrant, alarming red square with authoritative white type. It’s a “wrong way” sign.

Panic grips your stomach. You pull to the side of the street as quickly as possible, and you turn around. Turning the wrong way down a one-way road is never a fun experience. If you’re lucky enough to spot a well-placed wrong way sign, however, it’s nothing more than a brief, slightly embarrassing experience. The next time this happens, however, take a few seconds to think about the experience—and the sign. That wrong way sign may have just saved your life.

Every driver understands the importance of traffic signs in Vermont, but few comprehend the critical importance of the wrong way sign and its role in keeping drivers safe.

The Straight Numbers on Collisions

Though head-on collisions don’t make up the majority of accidents in the United States, they do account for more than 10 percent of traffic fatalities. Even more telling, most of these head-on collisions occur on residential side streets and roads without clearly defined lanes.

Communicate to the Worst Drivers

Keep in mind that wrong way and one way traffic signs in Vermont aren’t there for the area’s best drivers. These signs are there for those people looking at their cellphones or distracted by their children. These signs are there for the irresponsible people who get behind the wheel while intoxicated and those new drivers just learning the ropes. These signs are even there for the ordinarily conscientious driver who’s having an off day.

In other words, it’s essential to ensure that warning signs, in particular, are posted prominently.

Where to Plant Your Signs

Even if you’re not sure whether a problem is brewing, you may still benefit from placing a few warning signs in potential trouble spots. Here are some places to consider putting a wrong way sign:

  • Near the mouth of any street where confusion over traffic flow may arise
  • Parking garages where in-and-out traffic may get jumbled
  • A gated community with different gates for vehicles entering and exiting
  • High school parking lots where novice drivers are consistently moving

It is possible to overdo the signage and, as a result, diminish the impact of your message. That said, it is far worse to make the mistake of posting no signs in and around a potential problem area.

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