Custom Banner Printing in Vermont

When you choose Always On Time Signs & Design, you are getting a company with years of experience and a commitment to the utmost quality in banners and business signs in Vermont. From designing your banner to delivering you a high-quality product, it is professionalism all the way with our expert sign and banner company. Have questions? No problem. We’re here to help you get the banner you need at a price you can afford. Our banner services include:


At Always On Time Signs & Design, you can count on us to deliver the finest banners in Barre and Washington County, VT for your commercial or residential needs. Using top-quality products and materials, we customize the banners to your exact specifications. From simple black and white designs to elaborate and vibrant color schemes, you’ll get a banner that exudes professionalism and quality. Our banners are available up to 48”.

Banner designs

Not only do we create gorgeous banners for your business or special event, we take an active role in designing the banner. Our designers bring years of experience and unparalleled skills to design, allowing us to collaborate with you to provide a banner design that fits your vision. Whether you’re looking for a banner that features your business logo or one that makes an announcement for a special event, we’ll provide you with an excellent banner design.

Special event banners

Our banners are a perfect way to announce a special event. You’ll be able to trust that the banner will hold up to outdoor elements and retain the class and style you’re looking for. Order a customized banner for your special event from Always On Time Signs & Design.

When to Use a Custom Banner for Your Business

Custom banner printing is useful for a wide array of situations, such as:

Changes and Updates

Are you hiring new employees? Have you reconfigured your store’s layout? Any significant changes regarding your business can be relayed via a big, bold banner. This way, when customers walk up to your storefront, they know what to expect.

Special Announcements

A special announcement can include everything from a sale to a grand opening. Custom banners add some pomp and circumstance to the occasion, making it feel more special and inviting. Best of all, you can reuse banners for special announcements, depending on the situation. For example, if you run an annual sale, you can use the same banner every year.

Parties and Events

Who doesn’t love to party? Special events can be related to holidays, business anniversaries, and more. A custom banner lets everyone know that you’re celebrating and invites them to join in on the fun. You can also use banners within the store to highlight various sections and areas that may be part of the event. For example, if you’re hosting games and activities, you can put a banner above so that customers know where to go.

Contests and Giveaways

Nothing promotes your business like a contest. Not only do contests build buzz around your brand, but they also encourage customers to participate. Contests are an excellent promotional tool, especially when they’re about a new product or store launch. Custom banners allow you to notify every one of the contest and let them know how to join in.

Types of Custom Banners

Banners are not a one-size-fits-all solution.  You want to deploy different banners for unique situations. Fortunately, there are a few materials you can choose from that work well in specific instances. Here’s a quick overview of each banner type:


Most banners are made of vinyl because of the material’s weather resistance and sharp colors. When cared for properly, vinyl banners can last years, if not decades. The only downside is that vinyl can bleach in direct sunlight, so leaving the banner outside for prolonged periods can cause the colors to fade. Vinyl banners work best for one-off and long-term signage because they’re affordable.


If you want bright colors and a softer, more flexible material, fabric banners are the way to go. The printing process is a bit more intense, but you get incredible results. This material is suitable for banners that you want to reuse over and over.

Mesh Vinyl

Another issue with standard vinyl is that it can billow in the wind. Mesh vinyl has tiny holes that allow air to pass through. So, these banners are better for outdoor use. However, the holes can make the graphics and writing a little harder to read. So, you want bold, simple phrases and a one or two-tone color scheme.


While vinyl is easy to use, canvas offers incredible clarity and durability. A canvas banner commands attention and will make your signage stand out. As with fabric banners, you want to use canvas for banners that will either stay out for a long time or get reused often.

Why Always on Time Signs?

Because custom banners can positively impact your business, you need to work with a company you can trust. Here are a few reasons why Always on Time should be your graphic design partner.

  • Fast Results – When you have an event or contest coming up, you can’t wait weeks for a banner to arrive. Most of our printed materials are ready in under a week, and we can often do rush jobs when necessary.
  • Attention to Detail – Banners are big, bold statements that capture your audience’s attention. So, we take the time to craft each piece with care, as if it were going on our business. You can feel confident that our banners will stand out.
  • Durability and Reliability – Regardless of the material you choose, you’ll be able to use your custom banner for years to come. Our printing process helps keep the colors and lettering in pristine shape for longer.

For the best in banners, vehicle wraps, floor graphics, and more, contact us at Always On Time Signs & Design at 802-223-1362.