What are Brown Road Signs Used to Indicate?

What Are Brown Road Signs Used To Indicate

Brown road signs are not nearly as common as some of the other traffic control signs you might encounter during normal highway driving. In fact, if you haven’t done any interstate driving, and you don’t go on many vacations, it’s entirely possible that you may never have seen a brown sign. Brown signs are most […]

What are Pentagonal Street Signs Used to Indicate?

What Are Pentagonal Street Signs Used To Indicate

Pentagonal signs are used almost exclusively in areas around a school or educational facility, and there are only a few different meanings that they carry. The specific intent of any pentagonal sign will generally be identified by the verbiage included on the sign, so you won’t have to guess at the meaning of any symbols […]

What Do Blue Road Signs Mean?

What Do Blue Road Signs Mean

Road signs come in a variety of shapes, colors, and while you may not have realized that these characteristics hold any particular significance, nothing could be further from the truth. In truth, the shape and color of a road indicator can indicate its purpose. For instance, an inverted triangle will always signify a Yield sign […]

What Does Soft Shoulder Mean?

What Does Soft Shoulder Mean

You may have been driving along at some point, and you’ve seen a sign which declares that there is a Soft Shoulder up ahead, and you may have wondered exactly what that means. First of all, the sign itself is a cautionary sign, and its purpose is to inform you that the berm up ahead […]

What Does Yield Mean in Driving?

What Does Yield Mean In Driving

A yield sign looks like an inverted triangle, with red trim around the edges, and sometimes the word Yield printed against an interior white background so that it stands out clearly. It is a regulatory sign which is meant to convey to drivers that they should slow down and relinquish the right of way to […]