10 Most Common Warning Signs on the Road

10 Most Common Warning Signs On The Road

Warning signs, we see them every day as we drive, and if you drive enough you may barely even notice them. However, they require your undivided attention to keep you and your fellow travelers, pedestrians, and road workers safe. What are Road Warning Signs? It’s important to be able to immediately understand the information posted […]

10 Most Common Diamond-Shaped Road Signs & Their Meanings

Signs & Their Meanings

Road signs have been designed to be consistent. Red usually means stop or danger. Blue indicates user services or tourist information. Brown guides you to cultural or local attractions. Yellow asks for caution. Just as a color denotes one factor, shape designates another: stop signs are the only style that is octagonal. Horizontal placards usually […]

What Does a “Do Not Pass” Sign Mean?

What Does A 'do Not Pass' Sign Mean

You should always be familiar with your driving handbook for road rules and traffic laws specific to your state. In addition, experienced drivers will use caution when driving rather than risk their lives or the lives of others by being reckless or inattentive. Common sense, alertness, a level head, and courtesy should always prevail on […]

What Are Street & Road Signs Made Of?

What Are Street Signs Made Of

The earliest road signs were simple, made of wood or stone. And just as today, they were placed by the side of roads to give people information or directions. The Romans erected stone columns throughout their empire, informing travelers of how far they were from Rome — because, as we know, all roads lead to […]

What are Type I, II, & III Traffic Barricades?

What Are Type I, Ii & Iii Road Barricades

Highway construction work has increased each year steadily, along with concern for the safety and well-being of workers, pedestrians, and possible vehicle collisions. Road barricades are important tools to help protect workers by controlling the flow of traffic in work zones, as well as in many other situations where safety involves ingress and egress of […]