What are Rectangular Rapid-Flashing Beacons?

What Are Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons

It’s extremely important around school zones and similar areas to have some way of alerting motor vehicle operators that a pedestrian is crossing through an uncontrolled intersection to get to the other side. A device which has been developed recently provides some excellent modern technology for accomplishing this, and it is known as a rectangular […]

What are Highway Impact Attenuators Used For?

What Are Highway Impact Attenuators Used For

Highway impact attenuators are devices which are generally used to reduce the impact resulting from a motor vehicle collision, where those impacts might damage other vehicles, motorists, or structures nearby. Sometimes referred to as crash cushions, impact attenuators are engineered so as to absorb a great deal of the colliding vehicles momentum and kinetic energy. […]

Different Types of Traffic Delineators & Their Uses

Different Types Of Traffic Delineators & Uses

Traffic delineators came into being as a result of a need for temporarily directing roadway transit away from a specific location for some reason, usually because construction is underway in that area. Over the years, the design of these delineators has been refined to make them more versatile, more portable, and more useful in a […]

What are the Rules for Posting ‘No Parking’ Signs?

What Are The Rules For Posting No Parking Signs

There are many situations where it will be desirable to have drivers of motor vehicles not park or stand in specific areas, even if it only pertains to certain times of the day, or specific days of the week. The reasons for these restrictions can be extremely diverse, ranging from safety issues to problems with […]

What do Black-on-Orange Signs on a Highway Identify?

What Do Black On Orange Signs On A Highway Identify

When the highway system was designed, the signage was very carefully and deliberately planned so that everyone knows exactly what is going on at all times. Different colors and types of placards were created, including black-on-orange highway signs, and they all have a different application and meaning. Understanding the regulations and uses for highway signage […]