Do Speed Cameras Help Road Safety? Why or Why Not?

Speed Camera Safety

Road safety issues are among some of the leading factors behind the high mortality rates in the country. Law enforcement agencies and the state often struggle to keep track of the thousands of speeding offenses that occur each day. With this in mind, the use of the right road safety resources is essential because these […]

What is Real Time Traffic Information?

Real Time Traffic

Every driver has experienced the hectic feeling of getting stuck in a traffic jam. Unfortunately, these sudden stops are rapidly increasing due to the overcrowding of vehicles on the roads. Real-time traffic information is essential in that it helps improve the suggested route on the current event, saves time, and reduces driver’s stress. Based on […]

How Do Speed Cameras Work?

Speed Cameras

Speeding is a leading cause of traffic accidents, and local authorities typically install speed cameras as part of their automated enforcement efforts to prevent this common traffic offense, and ultimately save lives. These cameras work by recording vehicles’ speed using radar technology and taking photographs of cars that exceed threshold limits. The first versions of […]

What are Traffic Detection Devices?

What Are Traffic Detection Devices

At its core, this term refers to a device that can detect the presence or movement of vehicles. The device then relays the information that will help the traffic management team to handle various essential tasks.  These can include signal control, ramp control, incident evaluation, and information accumulation on vehicle traffic. Plus, they are also […]

Work Zone Cameras

Work Zone Cameras

What Function Do Work Zone Cameras Fulfill? Work zone camera systems are used primarily as a means to control vehicle speed through work zones and other areas that need special attention paid to vehicle speeds. These work zone cameras can be incorporated in overall Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) to help raise safety and lower accident […]