What Does a Pennant Sign Indicate?

Pennant Sign

Have you ever wondered what pennant road signs indicate to travelers on the roadways? While these signs might remind you of a sporting event or the masthead of a ship, it is much more to a driver than meets the eye. Its sideways triangular shape is used for one reason only and that is to […]

What are Orange Road Signs Used for?

Orange Signs

Road and traffic signs have an important purpose and that is to keep all drivers safe. There are many different types of colors used in road signs. Each color signifies something different, but each is important. For example, red is used for stop signs, and yellow is used for caution signs. These colors and what […]

10 Most Common Road Hazard Signs & Their Meanings

Road Hazard Signs

When you are driving, you cannot always anticipate what is ahead. A road hazard sign will alert drivers about conditions that may present a danger. Road signs not only tell drivers how to get where they are going, but they help avoid trouble on the road as well. The top ten most common road hazard […]

What Does a Road Closed Sign Mean?

Road Closed Sign

Road signs play an important role in the safety and movement of traffic. Road signs are standardized in the United States so that a driver knows from color, shape, and wording what kind of message an upcoming sign is going to send. There are signs that tell motorists when to go, when to stop, when […]

Two-Way Traffic Signs & Their Meaning

2 Way Signs

Two-way traffic signs are important road signs that are used to indicate that a driver is entering a two-way roadway. This road sign is particularly important in situations where the driver is leaving a one-way street or roadway. Accidents could occur if the driver is not paying attention and starts driving in the wrong lane […]