Tourist-Oriented Directional Signs

Tourist-oriented directional signs are guide signs with one or more sign panels that display the business identification of and directional information for eligible business, service, and activity facilities.

There are a great many signs which are used by various agencies in this country to help motorists find their destination, to help keep traffic flowing smoothly, and to help avoid traffic accidents. Some signs, such as tourist-oriented directional indicators fall into the category of being informational indicators that are purely intended to help newcomers to an area, find where they are going, and to help them get there more quickly. These placards are especially helpful when the route to a particular destination is not obvious, and involves a location somewhat off the beaten path.

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What are They?

The official description of a tourist directional sign is that it consists of one or more panels which contain information about a specific business, as well as directions on how to get to that business. The kinds of businesses which are described on these indicators are those which conduct activities or provide services to consumers who are not part of the existing community, and who have traveled to this location from somewhere else.

These kinds of placards will only be used on conventional rural roads, as opposed to being used on conventional roads in areas such as urban settings, or on expressways or freeways. In situations where both the specific service placards and tourist-oriented directive placards might be placed at the same intersection, the tourist directional sign will always be used to include information from the specific service sign, so that both types of information can be conveyed.

These kinds of signs will always consist of one or more sign panels that include business identification and directive information for those businesses or facilities which are eligible. A tourist-oriented directional sign will be clearly identified by its rectangular shape, as well as its color scheme consisting of a white legend and a white border, with a blue background.

The information conveyed to visitors to the area will always be limited to the identification of and directional information for a single eligible business or facility. There will be no kind of promotional advertising included on the indicators because that is not their function. Any business or facility must comply with certain provisions of state and federal laws in order to be considered eligible for tourist-oriented directive signage.

These regulations prohibit having any special considerations regarding race, national origin, age, sex, religion, or color, and must also comply with the laws governing licensing and approval of these kinds of service facilities. All states which use tourist-oriented directional signs are required by federal law to have a policy in place which fully complies with all these regulations.

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Importance of Tourist Directional Signs

Anyone who is visiting a specific area will consider tourist-oriented directive indicators to be extremely useful and valuable. These placards will not only point out the direction which must be taken in order to find a specific business, but they will often also be accompanied by the remaining mileage necessary to reach that destination.

When you have no familiarity with a given area, this kind of information can be priceless in keeping you on course, and preventing you from getting lost. Very often, all that’s needed is the concise information contained on these signs in order to accurately direct traffic to a specific business or facility. As any tourist might tell you, this is a very worthwhile service and certainly improves safety.

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