Radar Speed Feedback Signs for Sale or Rent

Types of Radar Speed Feedback Signs
There are several types of radar speed feedback signs that WorkSafe TCI can provide for customers. We deliver MUTCD compliant signs that are of high-quality construction.
A radar speed feedback sign can be a permanent or portable fixture. We can create them to display variable and speed-related messages as you prefer. We will customize any sign to your liking while maintaining correct regulations.

Some signs will include the legal speed limit of the area. We can provide solar-powered signs with an LED display. Our signs can incorporate data tracking if requested.

These signs often come in a standard 12” or 16 “size. However, you can also get a portable radar speed feedback sign mounted on a trailer that is easy to tow and store for later use.
Whatever type of radar speed feedback sign you prefer, our team at WorkSafe TCI will also deliver your product in 7 days. As a respected government and business contractor, you can trust us to deliver any traffic sign for your project needs.
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Where to Place Radar Speed Feedback Signs

When it’s time to install a radar speed sign, it should be no further away than 5 ft from the curb. It should always be close enough so the driver can see it at a safe distance.
Be careful with curve placement. If a radar speed sign is installed on a curb, it will make it difficult to properly display the driver’s current speed. The sign should never go too close to a tree, especially if it uses solar power. Any type of obstruction can affect solar recharging.

The signs must be on the side of the street where there is oncoming traffic. Height also matters, so never install a radar speed sign lower than four feet off the ground. The ideal installation height is between 7 and 10 ft off the ground.

What does a Radar Speed Feedback Sign Indicate?

These signs indicate vital real time info related to speed. They indicate the current local speed limit for the general area. They also alert drivers to the speed they are currently driving at when they approach the sign. Usually, they indicate when it is time for a driver to slow down.

Why are Radar Speed Feedback Signs Important?

Speeding is one of the contributing factors to traffic fatalities. Whether it is an accident that involves hitting another driver or a pedestrian, going above the speed limit is a danger to anyone on the road. As of 2022, as many as 25% of traffic related deaths could be traced to speeding. Getting hit by a speeding car greatly increases the chances of a fatality. If a car is going 40 mph, a pedestrian has a 90% chance of dying compared to only 10% if the car was going at 20 mph.

So, using a radar speed feedback sign is vital to keeping drivers and pedestrians safe. You often see them in school zones, busy residential areas, and construction zones. They keep drivers alert to their current speed level. When drivers are alerted to radar speed signs, they will slow down as much as 80% of the time.

If somebody inadvertently goes over the speed limit, these signs will give them real-time updates. Radar speed feedback signs are very useful for keeping traffic calm and making cars slow down as needed.

The WorkSafe TCI Difference

Work safe TCI consists of experienced professionals who have been creating signs for over 20 years. This woman-owned business is a trusted government and business contractor known for delivering work on time and up to MUTCD-compliance. When you are ready to begin your project, having WorkSafe TCI on board will make sure you have the right product at the right time. Contact us today for more info and to get the highest quality radar speed signs available.

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