A Guide to Traffic Sign Colors

What associations do you make with each color of the spectrum? When you see green, you may think of nature and growth, or you may think of a lack of experience. Bright orange or yellow may conjure images of the sun and warm summer days. Blue, on the other hand, is often associated with cold.

When it comes to traffic signs in Vermont, colors also have specific connotations. Knowing these standard meanings behind the colors for traffic signs in Vermont can make you a safer and more effective driver. Following is a quick overview of the most common colors used for traffic signs in Vermont.


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Red traffic signs in Vermont direct drivers to do or not do something critical. Stop, Yield and Do Not Enter signs are red. This color is eye-catching and bold, to get drivers’ attention and ensure they follow the indicated command. These signs are typically mostly red or white with red text.


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Orange traffic signs in Vermont inform drivers of hazards. These may be temporary or permanent, and are typically construction related. In fact, orange has become the standard color for construction zones. When drivers see this color, they know to watch for roadwork and construction workers and equipment.


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Yellow traffic signs in Vermont also inform drivers of hazards, but this color is used for permanent conditions. A yellow background with black text makes it easy to read and causes the sign to stand out from its surroundings. It cautions drivers to be alert of certain conditions, such as pedestrian-heavy areas or crossings.


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Green traffic signs in Vermont are used for directional purposes. Highway exits and directional signs are this color. As an earth tone, these signs are naturally less distracting and therefore only attract attention to those drivers who are looking for direction from them.


Blue traffic signs in Vermont are also directional or guidance signs. These indicate rest stops and restaurants along the highway. Again, the natural color is designed not to disturb drivers but simply offer information to those seeking it.


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Brown is another color that is used for directional traffic signs in Vermont. Brown is used to guide drivers to outdoor recreation areas. As with green and blue, this neutral color provides the background for less crucial driving information and guides those who are seeking particular information.

Black and White

Black and white traffic signs in Vermont offer crisp, clear designs without color to provide clarity of information. They advise drivers of basic information such as speed limits, railroad crossings and movement regulations. Their basic black and white colors inform without distracting.

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