General Information Signs

general info signsThere are many different kinds of indicators that are used to assist travelers in this country, some being warning placards to alert drivers to dangerous conditions, and many being guide signs that help to point drivers in the right direction. Another kind of sign which is used in great numbers all around the country is general information indicators.

General info indicators can inform drivers and pedestrians about all manner of situations, some of which have no real bearing on immediate traffic situations. Information that is thought to be useful to travelers can be read in a message on a green-colored information sign, which is clearly identifiable by its coloring, and usually by its rectangular shape.

General Information Signs

For the most part, national standards call for generally informative placards to have white legends and borders, with backgrounds that are green and in the shape of a rectangle. These placards will usually have significant interest to travelers, although they are not strictly necessary for guidance, which is why they are not considered guide signs. There is a whole wealth of information that can be displayed on informational placards, and on miscellaneous info signs.

Some of the types of info most frequently conveyed to travelers are state lines, city limits, other types of political boundaries, river and stream names, the elevation of local areas, landmarks, other items of geographical interest, and messages which are related to safety and transportation. In many cases, recreational and cultural interest symbol indicators are used in tandem with general info placards so that both can be more effective in informing travelers about places of interest nearby.

What are General Information Signs?

In addition to some of the possible indicators already described such as state line or county line placards, there are also many bus station, library, and train station signs that alert users to the presence of those facilities nearby.

There are also green-colored signs which alert motorists to the presence of recycling collection centers and vehicle ferry terminals, as well as mile markers which inform drivers about the distances to or from a nearby city. There are also a number of placards that don’t relate to traffic situations, and which don’t direct motorists to any specific destination. You may see a green-colored informational sign which announces that first-aid equipment is nearby, or that there is a manned first-aid station in the immediate area.

There are often directional green arrows that can point in any direction to help either pedestrians or other travelers continue on the right path. Others will announce the presence of a refueling station, or that there are restrooms close by. If you’re traveling through an area where heavy construction is underway, you may see a blasting point safety sign which will alert you to the fact that explosions are possible in the area. This is not intended to inform you to take evasive action, it is instead meant to inform you that you might hear a blast and that you should not be shocked by the noise.

Importance of General Information Signs

While general info placards may not carry the significance or importance of guide or other types of warning signs, they still provide useful information to travelers which can help them stay on track during their journey. For instance, it may be very useful for you to know when you’re coming up on a state line because that will tell you that you are entering a new state where different driving rules may be in effect.

If you’re looking for a bus station or train station to drop off a passenger, the sign announcing the nearby presence of such a facility could help to keep you on track. Generally speaking, these kinds of informative placards will not cause traffic backups or increased accidents if they are not placed on the roadways of this country. However, when you’re traveling in an area outside the region where you live, you are likely looking for all the info you can get about the surroundings, and general information indicators will provide exactly this info.

Buy General Information Signs

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