Five Questions to Ask When Ordering a Custom Logo

Your logo is often the first impression a customer has of your business. It’s branded on everything from the website to any product packaging and company documents. That’s why it is so important that the company logo not only looks good, but also accurately reflects your brand. Creating a custom logo can be a challenge, though. The designer needs to adequately understand your needs while also developing a logo that reflects the business best. Being prepared with a few specific questions for the designers is an integral part of creating the perfect logo.

Here are five questions to ask your design team before embarking on custom logo design in Vermont:

  • What’s your design philosophy: A quality design company will have a basic philosophy that serves as the foundation for all of its work. This doesn’t have to be limited to the actual finished product. A good philosophy could be based on strong communication with the client, becoming familiar with the business or an actual design technique. This question will provide you with a unique insight into how they operate.
  • What is the expected turnaround time? Getting this out of the way early will help you to avoid any confusion later on. Good design does take some time, but the logo should also be completed within a reasonable timeframe. Work with the designer to set a deadline that accounts for everything from concept to production and finalizing the design. This estimate should also factor in time for any necessary revision or any other issues that might arise.
  • Do you offer logo trademarking? Having a logo trademarked is an important step to ensure no one else has the possibility of using it. Failing not to have your new logo trademarked means others can technically use it without facing any legal repercussions. While this doesn’t happen frequently, it’s an important precaution to take to protect your property. Most design companies will offer this step as a standard service of custom logo design in Vermont.
  • Is there a guarantee on the work? A design company should take enough pride in their work to offer a money back guarantee. The guarantee is a legally binding promise that the company will return any payment if the logo isn’t up to the customer’s satisfaction. This way, you’re never stuck paying for a custom logo you aren’t totally satisfied with.
  • What other services are available? Having all design services completed by one company will make everything appear cohesive regardless, across all mediums. This might include any signage designs, vehicle wraparounds, window graphics and more.

Above all, you should feel comfortable communicating with the design team. This is an integral step for producing the best custom logo for your business. At Always On Time Sign & Design, you will find a qualified team of designers ready to help you create the perfect custom logo design in Vermont. Call us today to learn more about how our services can help your business thrive. We look forward to working with you!

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