Navigate Construction Signs in Vermont Safely by Following These Tips

No one enjoys hitting a construction zone when driving down the highway. The signs try to prepare drivers miles before they ever enter the affected area. The premature warnings, pylons and flashing lights don’t make it any better, though. Getting stuck in construction or having to slow to ridiculously low speeds are enough to make even the most patient driver frustrated. But it’s important to remember just how vital construction zones are to keeping the roads safe. Ignoring them could lead to a ticket or even a serious collision.

Navigating construction signs in Vermont doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Following these important safety tips will help make the experience as painless as possible and keep you out of a construction zone accident.

Follow flaggers’ instructions

There’s a good reason why flaggers are posted in construction zones. They work to safely direct traffic through the work area. Their instructions might signal for one car to go while the other travelling the opposite direction waits, or to stop cars for a piece of construction equipment to move through the area. Always watch out for and obey any signals from a flagger. Take special care to reduce your speed and pay extra attention to the road after spotting a sign indicating there are flaggers ahead.

Increase following distance

Increase the distance between you and the car in front of you the second you drive into a construction zone. Typically, drivers should leave the length of two or three cars between vehicles. This important precaution will give you adequate time to stop if needed. Following any closer than that could lead to a rear-end collision that easily could have been avoided.

Assume workers are always present

Have you ever seen a sign for a construction zone with a reduced speed limit on the weekend and just ignored it? If the answer is yes, consider yourself lucky if there were no consequences. Ignoring posted signs can result in a steep ticket and a citation if caught by police. Plus, it could put the workers at risk.

Merge promptly

No one likes the guy who races past the merge signs, only to try to force his way into the open lane at the last minute. Not only is this obnoxious, but it’s also one of the main causes of accidents in construction zones. Merge as soon as possible once you spot a sign warning of an upcoming lane closure.

Cut out distractions

We all know distracted driving is bad, but it can be even more deadly in a construction zone. Keeping your full attention on the road is critical any time you spot a cone or a sign warning of roadwork ahead. This means turning down the music, getting off the phone and putting down your snack to devote full attention to the road. Being on high alert will leave you with enough time to stop if a piece of equipment were to spill out into the road ahead.

Always On Time Sign & Design knows construction signs in Vermont are an important part of keeping both drivers and workers safe in construction zones. Give us a call today to learn more!

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