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How Many People Die From Texting & Driving Every Year

Americans have always had distractions while driving. Fast food drive-thrus made food and drink accessible in the car. Women who put on makeup while behind the wheel may be a stereotype, but it is a real problem to pay attention to your looks instead of the road. And who among us hasn’t ever had a […]

What Color are Highway Constructions Signs?

If you’ve never thought about it before, you might be surprised to learn that all highway road signs have a color scheme which is meant to quickly convey to motorists information about the type of sign they are. In the case of highway construction placards, all of these are now uniformly colored orange with black […]

How Many Road Signs Are There in the United States?

Just about everyone recognizes the importance of road signs in our society, even if they are sometimes reluctant to abide by them. There’s no question that road signs provide invaluable service to motorists, alerting them to hazardous situations, guiding them through uncertain areas, regulating traffic flow, making pedestrians and bicyclists safe, and helping you to […]

How Much Do Road Signs Cost?

Most people don’t think about how road signs get installed, or who pays the cost for having these indicators constructed and put in place. However, there is a significant cost associated with the installation of road signs, and that is not limited to the price of actually constructing the sign. Contractors have to be hired […]

What Do Triangle Road Signs Mean?

You may never have thought about the shapes of traffic signs as you drive along the highway, but there is actually considerable significance to the specific shape that each sign has been constructed in. For instance, an octagonal sign always means Stop, and that makes it easily identifiable, along with the striking red coloration. Other […]