Why Photo-Tex Is Your Best Option for Exterior Commercial Signs and Banners in Vermont

While it is every company’s goal to find new ways to market their business and continually boost sales, it is important to find unique, cost-effective ways to do so. One such way to improve patronage and subsequent sales is with well-placed signs and banners that market your company effectively. For a marketing approach that can take your company to the next level, consider using Photo-Tex for your exterior banners and commercial signs in Vermont.

What is Photo-Tex?

Photo-Tex is a polyester fabric that can adhere to just about any surface in any weather conditions. Because of its durable adhesive backing, Photo-Tex can be applied to the surface of your choosing without having to worry about any peeling, ripping, wrinkling or shrinking later down the line, as your sign or banner can efficiently be reused for several years without any signs of damage or wear.

This extended durability, along with increased weather and fire resistance, means that Photo-Tex can be used just as easily for outdoor applications as it can indoors, and this type of flexibility can do wonders for a business’s marketing campaigns. Although this fabric can keep your sign in good condition for many years to come, if you do decide to move your sign to another location, there is a 99 percent chance that Photo-Tex won’t leave behind any sticky residue or prominent wall damage.

Multiple applications

Photo-Tex reusable signs are great advertising solutions for companies that are working with small budgets. Because the fabric can be reused multiple times without being damaged, a small business that is just getting started and can only afford to start with a few printed banners in Vermont can make a couple of signs go a long way. With Photo-Tex, these companies can afford to use the sign in one location, and then peel it off and reuse it again in a different location without having to re-print multiple signs.

Photo-Tex signs are also great for businesses that present at trade shows. With re-stickable posters and banners, a company can peel and reuse the same sign several times to stir up more business at numerous locations during the traveling trade show season.

Without having to worry about your image curling, you can also bleed to the edges of your sign or banner with Photo-Tex fabric, or wrap your image around poles or even vehicles to increase your advertising opportunities. With a contour-cut selection, your options are just about endless, allowing you to customize your sign in any way that you choose.

Always On Time Sign & Design is here to help with all of your needs related to commercial banners and other exterior signs in Vermont. Whether you are in need of a cost-effective way to properly advertise your business or you are looking for the Photo-Tex banner that will distinguish your brand from the rest, give us a call today to learn more about all of the services we can offer your company. We look forward to working with you soon!

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