Get Drivers to Slow Down in Work Zones: Five Important Elements of Effective Road Safety Signs in Vermont

Those who do road work on busy freeways and city streets are well aware of the dangers they are exposed to. Nevertheless, it’s important that those in charge take even the simplest precautions to keep their road crew safe, like using road signs to get drivers to slow down around work zones. Let’s check out five important elements of effective road safety signs in Vermont:

  • Colors and reflectors: Road construction warning signs are synonymous with the color orange, so much so that most drivers automatically slow down the moment they see those distinct orange color road cones, barriers or signs coming up. This is a very good habit to have ingrained! Attention grabbing for both daylight hours and nighttime, reflectors are another essential component of work zone signs. You can order signage made with added reflective materials or get them as add-on accessories to stick on.
  • Size and shape: From handheld SLOW signs to giant signage attached to the back of a traffic-facing truck, work zone safety signs in Vermont are available in a variety of convenient shapes and sizes—like triangles, squares and diamonds, and large rectangles for displaying higher up for optimum viewing by fast moving traffic. To ensure your particular road warning is understood, select the proper shape and size for your sign.
  • Clear graphics: Graphics are another effective tool for getting drivers to yield to and respect safety signs on the road—think work zone warning signs showing images of directional arrows, a hand indicating STOP and construction people holding shovels or flags. With bold graphics, the message is clear and simple so drivers can quickly associate what the sign’s message is conveying. Contact a local sign shop, like Always on Time Sign & Design, for help with graphic creation or to get suggestions for graphic placement on a sign.
  • Materials: Ensure the safety of your crew and equipment with posted roadwork warnings. Quality signage can get the job done getting your Slow Down message across to drivers and pedestrians. Check out work zone safety signs in materials like mesh and vinyl for roll-up caution signs, and plywood, plastic, aluminum or other materials for more heavy duty constructed signs. Also, consider whether you’ll need sign stands or posts.
  • Road placement: Custom made construction zone signs are manufactured to stand out, hold strong and be weather resistant on the roads. Whether on highways or main streets, have you noticed how far ahead construction crews set out signs and road cones? Sometimes, you’ll see the first set of notice signs several miles before the actual construction area—like warnings to slow down, be prepared for a lane closure or watch out for heavy machinery. As annoying as this may sometimes seem, this method can save lives, prevent injuries and avoid accidents involving road workers.

It’s important that everything possible be done to avoid worker injury or loss of life, and the use of proper safety signage plays a key role. When you and your work crew are in need of quality road construction warning and work zone safety signs in Vermont, do not hesitate to contact the team at Always On Time Sign & Design.

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