Vehicle Wraps vs. Magnetic Signs in Vermont: Which is Right for You?

Mobile advertising is a great way to cover a lot of ground for a low cost, making it a perfect opportunity for small business owners when it comes to local advertising. There’s a drawback, however: because your vehicle becomes the advertising medium, you’ll need to outfit it with some sort of signage.

There are two routes you can take when it comes to mobile signage. Route 1 is the vehicle wrap route: completely branding your vehicle from top to bottom with a decal. Route 2 involves slapping magnetic signs in Vermont on the sides of the door panel and stepping on the gas as you drive around town. Which option is a better one for you? Read to learn more about some of the pros and cons of both to help you make your decision.

Vehicle wraps

Wrapping your vehicle with a massive decal might sound like a scary prospect at first, but it’s actually quite simple if you work with the right professional! And, once that decal is in place you’ll be able to enjoy a great number of benefits:

  • Vehicle wraps offer the most exposure for mobile advertising and are hard to miss when they’re driving by.
  • Vehicle wraps are going to offer a wider surface area and capabilities when it comes to branding, allowing for more design options.
  • There’s no risk of your wrap falling off—it’s applied directly to your vehicle for ideal security.

Now, the benefits of a vehicle wrap may sound enticing by themselves, but it’s important to consider them next to their cons as well:

  • Vehicle wraps can be expensive when you’re wrapping an entire vehicle.
  • If part of your vehicle wrap becomes damaged (accident, weathering, etc.), it’s hard to fix a specific area without replacing the entire thing.
  • Once it’s on, it’s on—there’s no removing and reapplying your vehicle wrap by yourself.

Magnetic signs

Tossing a magnetic on the side of your door panel is a great way to apply branding to your vehicle and also comes with some great benefits that intrigue many small business owners. Take a look at what magnetic signs in Vermont have to offer you:

  • Easy on; easy off! Magnetic signs can be stuck, unstuck and moved easily, giving you the power to control when you’re advertising and when you’re not.
  • Magnetic signs offer the highest ROI for mobile signage—they’re extremely cost effective to produce and have great visibility!
  • A vehicle magnet is incredibly low maintenance and can be removed or replaced in the event of damage or weathering.

Again, it’s important to consider the cons, not just the pros, when picking out a vehicle advertising medium. Take a look at the drawbacks of magnetic signage:

  • Sometimes, magnetic signs can be hard to spot because they’re not as “in your face” as a vehicle wrap. People might miss the message if you’re flying by at high speeds.
  • You’re limited in your design capabilities since the size of a magnet is also smaller than a vehicle wrap.
  • You’re limited to placing a magnet on any metal part of your vehicle, which means you’re not able to apply it to some more visible places, like a window.

Take a look at the above pros and cons for both vehicle wraps and vehicle magnets. Which option sounds like it might be the best for your brand and its mobile advertising campaign?

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