Four Good Places to Post Don’t Text and Drive Signs in Vermont

We’ve all seen television commercials warning against the dangers of texting and driving, as well as attention-grabbing electronic highway signs communicating a similar message. Signs such as these are displayed as a reminder to drivers to focus only on the road and their surroundings, instead of burying their eyes in their cell phone texting. Ultimately, for drivers and victims alike, the consequences of distracted driving can change lives forever. Let’s get the message across to everyone by posting more signage on our highways, streets, public areas and neighborhoods.

Whether you want signs for personal use or for the state, county or highway administration, to get started, you’ll want to commission custom outdoor signs. Let’s look into four good places to post signs to discourage texting and driving.

School zones

In the morning and then again in the late afternoon, you’ll notice quite a bit of traffic on school grounds across all grade levels. Whether it’s parents dropping off and picking up elementary school-age kids or high school campuses filled with new teen drivers, a school parking lot is not an ideal location to be texting—while driving or idling. Signs with both writing and graphics posted around parking spots and pickup lanes will hopefully deter cell phone use.

Your neighborhood or street

Some drivers have the mentality that police are less likely to chill in waiting on residential streets, so they break rules. But, as with schools, there are children playing in neighborhoods, which means even more driving precaution is needed. Check with your city to make sure it’s okay to install No Texting While Driving signs on stop sign and streetlight posts. Or post a double-sided sign right up to your property line on your front lawn.

Shopping centers

Shopping center parking lots are a lot like the scene when everyone’s leaving the office on a Friday. People just want to get the heck out of there, but a driver’s attention is taken off of pedestrians and other vehicles when they’re busily texting away. Bigger bold-print signs in the lot and smaller warning signs set at eye level throughout the shopping center would do well, since shoppers are in the parking lot as well as walking around to stores.

Public parks

A family friendly park is no place for distracted driving. Adults and children at play should not need to worry whether a car is being driven by someone who’s texting, or that a vehicle is going to hop the curb or run them over as they cross a road. Parks and recreation departments should consider installing warning and notice signs with graphics of a crossed out cell phone at all park entrances and exits, along small roadways that may run throughout a park and even on posts near picnic areas and play sets.

Texting and driving is now illegal in many states, but some people are still in desperate need of a daily reminder to ignore their cell phones while operating a motor vehicle. From bold print safety messages to business logos, at Always on Time Sign & Design, we offer customized signs in Vermont for all your residential or commercial needs. Call today to learn more!

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