Enhance Your Real Estate Listings with Eye-Catching Signs in Vermont

Spring and summer are prime real estate seasons. People are looking to sell their homes and move into something bigger and better after the winter season, which creates a cycle of demand that benefits buyers and sellers alike!

For real estate agents, the challenge of the season comes in helping your clients’ homes stand out amongst the numerous other houses on the market. It can often be hard, since there are so many factors of competition to be determined—price point, home size, location, amenities and property value, to name a few. In the end, it’s a realtor with a sound marketing plan that will sell their clients’ homes faster and for a better price.

Get the right signs out there

What’s the number one way to let everyone know a home is for sale? You guessed it: to hammer a sign right into the front yard! We’ve all seen real estate signs in Vermont before and they’re hard to miss, which makes them the ideal place to start your marketing campaign.

But simply having a sign won’t be enough to distinguish your homes for sale from those in the surrounding areas. You’ll need to make sure your sign is a) eye catching and b) complemented by other signage materials. Take a look at a couple of smart tactics for ensuring your sign is getting the bulk of the attention from passersby:

  • Look at the common color schemes around you when it comes to real estate signage. If you’re surrounded by white signage, for example, throw some color into your signage and make it pop against a sea of same-color signs!
  • How big is your client’s property? If it’s larger or on a corner, for example, consider setting up a second sign to capture attention from two angles. This way, you’re casting a wider net for attention.
  • Use different types of signage to get attention. For example, have the “for sale” sign standing proudly in the front lawn, then, wheel out a sandwich board for open house days. You can even use smaller flag signs to peak the curiosity of passers by!

Thinking outside of the box when it comes to traditional real estate signage is going to help you give homeowners you represent the edge in a marketplace that’s quick to become crowded during the peak summer months.

Invest in signage to retain value

The last thing you want to do as a real estate professional is drop the price of your clients’ homes in order to help them sell—it’s a lose lose for both you and them. Instead of cutting the cost out of the sale, instead, invest in the front end to keep the value of the home high. What this means is spending some time and money on signs in Vermont.

Signage can be a huge game changer and can elicit attention from people who might not have otherwise paid any attention previously, or who might redevelop interest in a home after you give it some marketing flair. In finding effective, eye catching signage for a nominal cost, you’ll be able to keep the price of the home you’re selling at a desirable level, making it a win-win for both you and your homeowners.

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