Use Banners in Vermont to Promote Local Baseball/Softball Sponsorships

Supporting your local baseball or softball team is a great way to connect with the community, provide an opportunity for kids to have fun and, to market your business in a positive way. For most sponsors, getting to put your name on the back of a jersey or having the team come back to your establishment for food and drinks is already a great way for you to increase business… but have you ever thought about capitalizing on your sponsorship with signage and banners as well?

Banners in Vermont are actually one of the best ways for you to market your business in a friendly and cost-effective way when sponsoring a baseball or softball team, and understanding the dynamic these materials can have will go a long way towards justifying the cost of them for you this upcoming season.

Huge visibility; low cost

The number one appeal of banners is their size. Being able to plaster a banner on the fence in left field for everyone to see is a major advantage when it comes to marketing your business—your marketing message will be hard to miss when a batter swings for the fences and a fielder makes a saving grab right in front of your banner!

Not allowed to market on the field fence? No problem! Banners outside of the ballpark are just as easy to spot and will attract the attention of anyone coming in to watch a day of baseball.

In addition to being tremendous visible, banners are also very cost effective. For a single upfront cost to have your banner printed, you’re able to enjoy a marketing message that’s projected for the length of the season and beyond. Plus, if you have your banner designed on vinyl or some other resilient material, it’ll withstand the weathering of the season (sun, rain, wind, etc.).

What to put on your banner?

Making sure your banner projects a positive call to action, while also affiliating your brand with the team you support, is critical. Remember, unlike a traditional piece of marketing, you’ll have to think of a sponsorship banner as a co-branded campaign: calling attention to the team you support is just as important as calling attention to yourself. Consider some of these messaging tactics:

  • “Visit ABC Business, proud supporter of XYZ Team!”
  • “ABC Business proudly supports XYZ Team, along with its fans!”
  • “To show your support for XYZ Team, visit ABC Business today!”

Now, in addition to portraying your affiliation with the team you support, you’ll also need to promote a message worth paying attention to. Many sponsors take this opportunity to run deals, promos and specials—this is a great draw that acts as a momentum driver for those people who are already interested in supporting you based on your sponsorship affiliation.

If you’re not running a sale of special, make sure you at least have all of the essential calls to action required for a traditional banner in Vermont: your company logo, phone number, location and any other branded messaging.

If you take the right approach to designing your sponsorship banner this upcoming baseball or softball season, your business may very well reap the reward of community support in the form of increased patronage.

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