Five Benefits of Using Vinyl Banners in Vermont

Whether you are thinking about commissioning shop banners or already own a few, know that vinyl is a material with a number of its own advantages—for one thing, it’s affordable. Here are five benefits of using vinyl banners in Vermont for advertising your business or to highlight your next special event:

  • Banners are durable: Since vinyl is a heavy-duty material, it’s the perfect choice for large banner signage. Although vinyl banners are usable indoors, it’s the material’s ability to withstand all sorts of outdoor elements that makes it a sought-after roadside advertising tool. And vinyl can hold its own in harsh weather conditions. UV resistance means long exposure to sunlight won’t distort printed text and graphics, and it’s typical for vinyl to be waterproof. Add brass rings (eyelets) to the rope holes to avoid ripping, as well as to provide extra strength to hold the weight of heavy banners.
  • Banners are easy to see: Your customized banner can be sizable, even when large, eye-catching bold text and graphics are printed across it. This makes it visually appealing and easy to read, and thus perfect for getting your message across from great distances. In place of pricey billboard ad space, some businesses use large banners printed with their name or logo to hang or set next to roads near their building to draw traffic.
  • Vinyl banners have a long lifespan: When handled with care, vinyl banners in Vermont have been known to last for years. Though vinyl signs are inexpensive, you must treat business banners like you would any other asset contributing to your success. Why bother seeking out a cost effective marketing tool only to not take care of it, and then need to spend more money on a replacement? Be diligent in cleaning outdoor signs of debris, and bring them inside when not using them or when the weather gets too rough.
  • Banners are eco-friendly: There’s the assumption that most materials used for signage can burst into flames, creating fire hazards. However, vinyl is a flame-retardant material, so it’s relatively safe to hang your vinyl banner inside or outside. Also, the weather won’t peel or tear away material in chunks—vinyl is tough; inadvertent littering is not a big worry. Given these positive characteristics, you can rest assured that the quality vinyl banners you’re displaying outdoors are not harming the environment.
  • Banners are reusable: Popular and always in style, vinyl banners are low-cost marketing options that can be reused year after year. With good planning and a creative mind, banner advertisements for special store promotions or holiday sales can be displayed when needed, then put into storage until the opportunity rolls around again. Just omit numerical dates from the printing process and you’ve got yourself a forever sign. Also, local officials in charge of annual community events—such as parades, fundraisers, craft fairs and community yard sales—would be wise to invest in reusable vinyl banners.

All in all, the benefits of using vinyl banners in Vermont makes this option stand out in a sea of possibilities. For more information or to get you started on your banners today, contact the team at Always On Time Sign & Design.

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