Seven Industries That Should Be Taking Advantage of Vehicle Wraps in Vermont

Businesses big and small are always looking for new ways to promote themselves and engage with their community—but how to accomplish both of these goals? To start, there are business owners in some industries that should consider taking advantage of vehicle wraps in Vermont. And because this kind of advertising shows your web address 24/7, it’s important to maintain your company website with updated products, services, prices and contact information:

  • Catering: Chefs, cooks and bakers rely on business vehicles, not only as a means to deliver their products and provide services, but also as a method of advertising. Your catering company’s name and contact information, along with a few quality photos of your most popular foods, can be printed onto a vehicle wrap.
  • Florists and flower delivery: Delivering a beautiful flower bouquet to a home or office for a customer is a great opportunity to promote your flower business. From driving down the road to sitting in a parking lot, get the public’s attention with colorful floral graphics surrounding your name and business website.
  • Photography: Simple and clean vehicle wraps are fantastic advertising tools for independent photographers to get their name out there. Customize a wrap with your logo and specialties, and under that, print your business’ web address to direct potential clients to samples of your work.
  • Art galleries: Whether you’re the sole featured artist or open up your art gallery to local talent, invite the community to visit your establishment using your car as a visual shout-out. Then, after awhile, your art gallery’s potential for supporters will grow and revenue from sales may increase.
  • Pet daycare or grooming: Many pet owners treat their creatures like family, so it’s not unheard of for pets to be pampered by professional groomers or dropped off at doggie daycare. Take advantage of the pet market by investing in high-quality vehicle wraps in Vermont as an effortless way to spread your name all around the local area. Adhere wraps with images of happy animals to all your pet daycare transportation or mobile grooming vans!
  • Real estate: Selling residential homes, commercial buildings and land is competitive business. If you’re a real estate agent, especially someone who is completely independent, promoting yourself is an essential part of your continued success. Invest in affordable, eye-catching vehicle wraps for all your personal automobiles today for a long-term benefit to your real estate career.
  • Auto mechanics: What better way to advertise your business’ automotive services like repairs, oil changes, tire rotations and tune-ups than by adding a vehicle wrap to your own vehicle? Include key words and phrases that car owners will home in on—emergency services, free alignment, low-cost oil changes—and list an easy-to-remember web address.

With hard work and dedication combined with effective advertising, owning a business can be a fun and rewarding experience. If vehicle wraps in Vermont sound like a promotional tool you can benefit from, contact the team at Always On Time Sign & Design today—we’ve got you and your vehicle covered!

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