Design Quality Banners in Vermont for Your Next Special Event

Although a good signage shop will use only the best quality materials and the most talented graphic designers, one important thing to keep in mind is whether your specially made banner will be displayed indoors or outdoors. Vinyl banners in Vermont can hold up in outdoor elements, but you’ll need to customize your banner with specific traits. Should your banner be able to be read from a distance? Are specific dates necessary? Will there be a special acknowledgement?

Whether made of vinyl or another type of material, banners for all sorts of events have been around for some time. When it comes to getting a banner made, you get to design it and customize it, which makes a banner a perfect addition for your next special event:

  • Birthday party: If the birthday party will be for a child, first decide the placement of the banner. Since birthday banners are often covered in bright, colorful lettering that’s large and easy to read, take precautions when it comes to including your child’s name. It’s safer to add their name if the birthday banner will only be hanging in your backyard or indoors, as opposed to displaying a large print banner at the park or over your front-facing garage door for strangers to see.
  • Family reunion: Banners from a professional sign and design shop, like Always On Time Sign & Design, are must-haves at your family reunion. Personalize huge banners in Vermont for your upcoming family reunion that include the family’s last name and the year in which the reunion is taking place. Meanwhile, if the reunion is in honor of a special member of your family, have their name spelled out somewhere on the banner, and then let them take it home after the party as a keepsake.
  • Hosting a fundraiser: Fundraisers are events to help a cause. On your banners, create a call to action to elicit a positive response from your community. Be direct about your fundraiser’s intended goal and leave room to include a website and event dates. When setting up for a fundraiser, think how the event can benefit from multiple banners—banners with general event details, banners thanking everyone for their support and banners with information about the person, group or organization receiving the proceeds.
  • Community garage sale: Are you putting on a community garage sale this weekend? Whether at the entrance to your neighborhood or the park or parking lot where the sale will be held, grab the attention of those passing by with clearly printed, eye-catching lettering on vinyl banners. The sign should not be cluttered, but they should still present all relevant information, including where and when the garage sale will be taking place. Also remember to use large print for easy, quick reading, and to place banners in areas that won’t distract drivers.

At Always On Time Sign & Design, you’ll get professional service and well-made products for your private or business event. When you are ready with a design in mind, or if you would like help coming up with a layout, we are the place to go for quality, large-scale banners in Vermont, and much more.

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