Five Key Graphic Design Tips for Campaign Logos and Signage

With the 2016 election season already in full swing, campaign signs are becoming a priority within the sign-making industry. Politics has grown into social media and websites, but signs still remain relevant. In order to ensure campaign signs are effective, you need a good logo so people will remember the name and feel compelled to look further into the candidate’s message. These five tips will help you achieve quality graphic design in Vermont—and hopefully help pave the way to victory:

  • Don’t get lazy with color: Red, white and blue are tempting color choices, especially for national campaigns. The problem is that people are so accustomed to this scheme that they ignore it—after all, it can come across just another politician spouting off with an appeal to nationalism. Instead, consider other color schemes. Many candidates look to their state flag. Vermont’s flag includes blue, yellow and green. Try that combination instead and you will likely stand out better.
  • Font matters: Fonts that read well on the Internet may not translate well to signs. Serif fonts are the most readable in print and you are advised to go this route. Using bubbly scripts will make it impossible for your candidate to be taken seriously. Script-type writing may look pretty, but no one will be able to read it if they are in a moving car or only taking a quick look. By making the sign easier to read, you are more likely to attract supporters.
  • Simplicity sells: Save the detailed eloquence for speeches. Signs just need to indicate name and office—for example, “Candidate’s Full Name for State Representative.” If the candidate has a long name, use only the last name. Another possibility that has also shown to be effective is that memorable last names often work well when displayed without any other words. Think of Madonna or Ringo and the notoriety they create using only one name in the public realm.
  • Keep to your decisions, but make adjustments: Before you print signs, be sure the logo is what you want. If it ends up being tiresome in three to four months, completely changing it will distract from the message. However, you should also be open to making very slight adjustments to it to help with different sign designs and website graphics. You want a basic structure to work from, while also making room for minor changes to match style requirements.
  • Remember the border: Borders draw people to look at the center of the sign. If you are looking at yard signs, this is a simple design addition that will draw people’s attention to the name at the center.

Besides signs, you may also want to consider vehicle magnets. Very few candidates and their managers want to invest in vehicle wraps that are only relevant for a short time. But the magnet sign can turn a car into a moving billboard without a long-term commitment.

Always On Time Sign & Design offers quality graphic design in Vermont with the expertise you require, resulting in campaign signs that will get noticed. Contact us today so we can play a part in your election year success.

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