The Five Traits of Quality Banners in Vermont

A banner can be a useful advertising tool in any business’ arsenal, but as is the case with any piece of advertising literature, the quality of your banner will heavily influence its capabilities and potential. Having a banner that’s well-designed, well-placed and refined in its message will accomplish far more than a cheap-o banner that’s haphazardly employed and nondescript with its call to action.

In order to help pave the way for a wider understanding of what exactly constitutes positive traits in banners in Vermont, we’ve put together a list of five traits that need to be strongly considered by businesses seeking to employ a banner to a high degree of effectiveness. Take a look at these five traits and what exactly they entail:

  1. Design: Like any piece of advertising, the design of a banner must be engaging and eye-catching. Throwing a few graphics and some text on a banner isn’t going to accomplish much unless these elements are well-coordinated and professionally attuned. Design also means more than just pairing text and graphics: it means creating cohesion between the two in a way that inspires people to take the time and look.
  2. Message: What exactly are you trying to communicate with your banner? You might know the message, but unless passersby can easily decipher it to, you’re going to be left with an ineffective banner. Your message should be quickly deciphered, easily digested and immediately understood. If it’s a sales pitch, communicate the value proposition; if it’s a call to action, make that call clear as day; if it’s informative, make the pertinent information paramount!
  3. Call to action: The whole point of advertising is to inspire action—does your banner inspire action at a glance? Creating a call to action can be hard if you’re not sure what you want people to do—define the action you hope to elicit first, then create a call that drives that action. Whether it’s a phone call, a visit to your location, a follow on social media or something else altogether, make sure you’re demanding some sort of response from your viewers!
  4. Placement: A banner is only as effective as its placement. Even the best banner will fail to create awareness and inspire action if it’s placed in a low-traffic location or in a place that’s impeded by distractors. Put your banner where people will see it, where it’ll stand out and preferably somewhere that lends to its overall message!
  5. Factor X: This is the hardest concept to harness for a banner, but one that when harnessed, could deliver a home run for you! Factor X is the tone of your banner and the emotion it inspires. Does it make people laugh? Does it motivate people to act? Does it inspire them to take charge? Factor X represents your banner’s ability to evoke emotion in a way that validates the entire banner as an advertising tool! It can be hard to nail down, but if you manage to do it, Factor X will generate responses from your audience.

Are you thinking about investing in banners in Vermont? If so, make sure to follow the five traits listed above to maximize their effectiveness!

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