Four Tips for Creating the Best Political Exterior Signs in Vermont

It can often seem amusing how, even in this digital age, people still desire yard signs for endorsing ballot measures and candidates. However, far from than being an antiquated relic of the past, exterior signs in Vermont’s politically active communities help increase awareness and even use modern tools so passers-by can learn more, and sooner. If you are looking at having a batch of yard signs printed for your candidate or cause, consider these important design elements:

  • Don’t forget basic information: Most political signs are sparse, but yard signs can contain a little extra detail. After all, they attract foot traffic as well as vehicles that pass by. The name of the candidate and office is a given, but do not forget the web address and telephone number, too. If you are advancing or opposing a ballot measure, display the title and number prominently. One element of modern life that often factors into people’s interactions with signs is camera phones. It is not uncommon for pedestrians to photograph the sign so they can look up information online later.
  • Consider adding a QR code: You likely have seen the square bar codes in magazines or on products that take you to a website when scanned. These can work for campaign signs, too. Make accessing information even easier by adding one to your yard sign. That way, you do not have to rely on people taking a picture and visiting the Facebook page or website later. With their smart phone, they can scan the code and start learning about the cause or candidate right away.
  • Location matters: Getting to the homes on busy streets may be considered the first priority. It would seem that this is where people are most likely to see a sign. However, this is not always the optimal place for your yard signs. Foot and vehicle traffic often moves too quickly to read or pay attention to the message. Also, yard signs disappear frequently from these areas, courtesy of vandals. On the other hand, cul-de-sacs are ideal. People are more likely to look into a candidate their neighbor endorses, and with the way cul-de-sacs are laid out, they will likely see that sign every day.
  • Choose quality: It almost goes without saying that yard signs need to be durable and weather-resistant. Yet it is surprising how many campaigns will cut costs and bypass quality in order to create as many signs as the budget allows. It is true that yard signs will disappear or get damaged, but that does not mean you want them made cheaply. Choose high quality and accept that costs will incur from sign loss. A damaged awful-looking sign is worse than no sign at all.

In addition to yard signs, consider bumper stickers, banners and vehicle magnets. This is looking to be an active election year, and these additional exterior options will also help you spread your message.

Always On Time Sign & Design creates quality campaign signs of all types, including exterior signs in Vermont. When it is time to order yard signs, give us a call!

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