What Does a Winding Road Sign Mean Exactly?

Winding Road Sign

There are quite a few road signs in use across the United States, and most make use of a single image to quickly communicate to driver’s important information. One that many drivers will encounter in a variety of locations is the Winding Road Sign, a yellow diamond-shaped warning sign that is quite distinctive visually. These signs will depict an arrow starting at the bottom of the sign, moving towards the top of the sign, which curves to the right and left side of the sign before straightening into the tip of the arrow. 

What Does a Winding Road Sign Indicate?

This sign is an indication for drivers that they are entering an area where the road has 2 or more curves, allowing them to adjust their speed in preparation for the potentially hazardous area. 

There may also be a supplemental sign or plaque to communicate the length of winding conditions, to ensure that drivers continue to practice safe vehicle operation while in this area. 

Where are Winding Road Signs Most Commonly Found?

Because winding road signs are used in any instance where two or more curves occur within six hundred feet, they see a large amount of usage throughout the country. Posted in mountainous and coastal regions, open desert areas, and even within cities, if potentially hazardous road curves exist these signs need to be present. 

They do see a larger overall usage in mountainous regions, where roads need to be constructed on and around uneven conditions. 

Winding road

Where Can I Buy Winding Roads Signs?

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