Benefits of LED Traffic Signs in Vermont

While LED lights have existed for decades, many municipalities and businesses have not yet invested in this cost-effective, efficient and multi-purpose approach for signage purposes. The common misconception is that LED lighted signs do not offer anything different than traditional ones. However, this could not be further from the truth. As you’ll learn in this blog post, using LED traffic signs in Vermont has many benefits for both organizations and the community.

Improved Visibility

Even when the road is clear of hazards, accidents still occur. Unclear or broken signage makes it challenging for anyone on the road to navigate correctly, whether they are in a vehicle, walking or cycling. While some indicators work well during the day, nighttime makes them almost impossible to see, and vice versa. For drivers and pedestrians, LED traffic lights are much easier to notice both during the day and at night. Research shows that drivers and pedestrians respond better and faster to LED traffic lights, whether they are flashing stoplights or lighted walkways.

More Programming Options

Road conditions may change for a number of reasons, from construction to inclement weather. Traditional traffic signage offers limited capabilities and requires multiple devices to handle a given situation. Modern technology allows municipal departments and companies to program LED lights to better control traffic patterns. With more options for programming LED traffic lights, communication is enhanced for people on the road. A clearer understanding of road conditions and laws means safer drivers and fewer collisions.

Serve Different Purposes

Traditional traffic lighting options fulfill single roles, with almost no way of being used otherwise. That is not the case with LED traffic lights. These lights can be used for so many different applications, ranging from school zones and crossings to warnings about hazardous road conditions, merging lanes or sharp turns. An investment in LED traffic indicators is a sound one, as these devices can serve such a wide variety of purposes.

Less Maintenance

LED lights use dozens of small diodes to illuminate, whereas their standard counterparts need a single filament to operate. When that filament burns out, the light immediately stops working and requires replacement as soon as possible. Several diodes can die off in an LED traffic light, but the light will continue to work without a noticeable problem. This dramatically lowers your maintenance costs while these signs continue to function for much longer than traditional lights.

Environmentally Friendly

Existing traffic lights were not built with energy efficiency in mind. That means these lighting options require quite a bit of energy to operate, thereby costing a small fortune to run. While standard traffic lights operate on traditional energy sources, LED lights can use solar energy for power. Utilizing this greener technology lowers your carbon footprint and saves you money on energy costs.

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