Consider Colors When Crafting Signs in Vermont

Have you ever looked at a sign and felt your mood or emotion shift? It can be a weird feeling to see something as simple as a sign, then feel your mood suddenly brighten or to look at a company’s logo and feel yourself starting to get perturbed by something so simple! Don’t worry—you’re not crazy: this is a normal thing to experience and it’s predicated by actual science.

We’re talking about the science of color and how it impacts our psychology and mood. There are some very specific emotions that colors can tap into on a fundamental level and as a result, when we look around at big and bold signs in Vermont, we start to wane towards the emotions that these colors provoke. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

  • Have you ever noticed how many banking institutions have blue logos and letters as their branding? This is no coincidence—blue is a color that inspires trust, security and honesty! When you feel these emotions, you’re more likely to associate them with the bank projecting them.
  • Green is often associated with balance, growth and nature, making it a prime color when it comes to nurturing customers. Grocery store chains, gas stations and restaurants tend to offer up green in their signage, as a way to give off the idea that they’re natural or strong.

The spectrum of colors and color-inspired emotions is a vast one, encompassing virtually every basic color! It behooves you to consider color psychology if you’re going to be creating a sign in Vermont, so you’re able to inspire the right feeling at a subconscious level when people look at your message.

Picking the right colors for your sign comes down to two things: knowing what feelings you want to inspire in people and understanding which colors are going to be the best at accomplishing this. Let’s take a look at a bigger list of color options and what they might mean for you and your business when it comes to inspiring mood and emotion:

  • Red is a color that can inspire passion, action, ambition and determination. It’s a strong color that people associate with stronger traits, which means you’re going to want a stronger attitude backing it up!
  • Yellow is a color that tends to signify optimism and equality, which can inspire levelheadedness and reason in the people taking it in.
  • Purple is a color of prestige and imagination! This color inspires people to think creatively, assume excellence and enjoy!
  • Pink tends to inspire feelings of love and emotion, with associations made of passivity and innocence. Pink is also a gender color for girls, much like blue is for boys.

Don’t forget about colors like Orange, Turquois and Magenta as well! All of the above colors hold special meanings that people might not always realize, which means being able to use them to your benefit when it comes to designing the perfect sign in Vermont. Pay some attention to color and see what emotions you can evoke!

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