Tips for Advertising on Highway Signs in Vermont

Highway signs have become an advertising staple throughout the United States. These types of signs are a great way to deliver a message in a very short amount of time. This is especially true for businesses located in small towns that would not otherwise be seen as destinations for drivers—you need to be able to convince drivers to pull off at your exit and find your business.

Of course, you also need to make sure your signs are noticeable without being a dangerous distraction. There is a fine line to walk when it comes to advertising on highway signs in Vermont, but here are a few tips to help you find some success:

  • Make your message brief: You don’t need to cram too many facts into your highway sign. The point of the sign shouldn’t be the copy—it should be a short, appealing message that is heavily visual in nature. Eight words is probably the maximum for any kind of advertising copy you use on a sign. The rest should be accomplished with images.
  • Make your message clear: If your business has a lot of different services or products to offer, that’s great—but you can’t advertise them all on a single sign. Remember, you need to keep your message brief, as you have limited space to work with and very little time to capture the attention of drivers and passengers. Focus on one attractive element of your business that you think is going to be most likely to get people’s attention. Then deliver a clear message focused on that aspect of your company.
  • Make all visuals as simple as possible: Again, you’re working with very little time to capture the attention of people zipping by on the highway. Therefore, you need to make your images big, bold and very simple. If you are using a photo or piece of artwork, you need to blow it up to a size that can quickly be seen and recognized by people from far away on the road. Photos must be very high resolution so they are recognizable at their large size. Artwork should not be too intricate, and it should be attractive.
  • Choose contrasting, attractive colors: You want your sign to be easy to read, which means color contrast is extremely important. Choose one color for the background and one for the type, and maybe a third color for accent. Too many colors could make your sign difficult to read or could make the artwork confusing for passersby. You should also be sure the colors you choose stand out from the scenery in the area. Your sign should be bright and inviting while maintaining a sense of professionalism. It should also not be so outrageous that it becomes a dangerous distraction to anyone on the roadway.

For more information about developing highway signs in Vermont to advertise your company, contact us today at Always On Time Sign & Design. We look forward to working with you!

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