Boost Your Holiday Foot Traffic with Festive Business Signs in Vermont

For many years now, retail establishments have seen a large portion of their business hail from products sold during the holiday season. But if you are not quite in the same boat as other retailers are when the holidays roll around, don’t worry. Maybe your business is new, or it could be that you’re just getting on the bandwagon of offering holiday shopping specials. Either way, if you’re looking to boost holiday foot traffic, you can begin by investing in festive business signs in Vermont.

Holiday signage design and sign material

It’s the holidays, so when it comes to your business, you should follow the cheery, giving theme that the season brings. Simple, visual signage is key, such as including colorful, holiday specific images along with a short message, phrase or sale price.

Keep in mind sign design space, as well as what kind of sign you’re using. With a number of sign options available, you can choose from vinyl and plastic banners, 3-D cutouts, PhotoTex self-adhesive decals, magnetic signs, vehicle lettering wraparounds and more. All of these can be dressed in your business’ holiday graphics and verbiage.

Sign placement

Do place eye-catching plastic or vinyl signs outside, but promote your products for the holidays as much as possible in-store while creating a warm holiday atmosphere for shoppers. Most are shopping for Christmas gifts, so keep them in the holiday spirit with festive sale and promotional signs as they browse around. Don’t forget that this should start at the front door, where there should be colorful poster type signs that wow customers and passersby and prompt them to come inside.

Use PhotoTex self-adhesive decal signs to stick to windows and walls, or have special holiday floor graphics designed. Even restroom walls, mirrors and stall doors can be decorated in signage. Suspend large, flashy vinyl banners from the ceilings over hot ticket items or products that are on sale.

Advertise on wheels

You can also consider vehicle lettering! Commission a wraparound sign made to advertise your business with special holiday visuals. Want smaller signage to drive around with? Order a big magnetic sign that can be taken on and off as you please. Have your store’s name, what you sell and your contact information printed clearly.

Seek out print media

Boost visibility this holiday season by advertising in print media. Invite people to shop your store by placing a newspaper ad or getting a mail insert made with your holiday signage designs—think of this sort of print advertisement as miniaturized versions of your larger festive business signage.

Share on social media

Once your signs are ready to go, take photos and share them to your business’ social media pages. Not only is this a great opportunity to advertise your holiday sales and special shopping times, but it’s also good for visual association—customers will see your sign photos online, and then, when they come in to shop, they’ll see the exact same signs and remember what promotions you have going on.

When it comes to ordering customized business signs in Vermont for the holidays, look no further than the creative sign professionals at Always On Time Sign & Design!

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