Five Applications for PhotoTex Self-Adhesive Decals

Suppose you’re a business looking to make some visual changes to your company’s building or branding. Or perhaps you’re a parent wanting to help a child make their bedroom their own. Have you ever thought about using decals to convey creativity? Give it a try with self-adhesive decal signs in Vermont.

PhotoTex’s peel-and-stick—and peel-and-stick again—adhesive material allows you to mold a room or building into a space that defines who you are or what your company is all about. It does not curl or crack, and nor does it wrinkle with age like traditional sign adhesives. And because the decals are made using an ultraviolet polyester material, they can be placed in sunny areas with no fear of UV damage and fading.

Since PhotoTex can adhere to most flat surfaces, you can enjoy various sizes of decals depicting images and words just about anywhere. Simply peel off to relocate, or store it for future use without causing damage to surfaces.

Possibilities of PhotoTex self-adhesive decals

PhotoTex decals are the perfect product choice for businesses, organizations, schools, residential buildings and more. Here are some of their possible applications:

  • Let your brand shine: It’s important to get your business’ brand out there for all to see. You’re in competition with every other similar business in the local area, seriously competing for the business of customers who are shopping around for the best deals. Catch the eyes of potential customers with quality printed, visually appealing and attention grabbing signage highlighting your logo and tagline.
  • Advertise sales in store: Instead of having to order new signs every time you have a sale on products, invest in generic, yet catchy and clean, peel-and-stick price decals. Such signs can be a great investment that can be used over and over again throughout the year, as well as reused elsewhere on different sale items. In fact, consider ordering removable window decals to further advertise a hot sale.
  • Jazz up the lobby: PhotoTex decals can be fantastic additions to a waiting area or lobby. Typically, reading material sits out on a table or you leave the television on, but just imagine the visual stimulation wall decals will add. Use the space to communicate your company’s message, or post calming and comforting visuals in hospital or dental office waiting rooms.
  • Decorate your child’s room: Do your children want to paint pictures or words on their bedroom walls? While this is a fun idea, a child’s interests will change as they get older. Instead, help them design images for wall decals. PhotoTex decals are a cost effective and time saving way to let a child show their individuality without parents having to commit to a more permanent material, like paint.
  • Show school spirit: Teachers and school administrators can decorate their school’s hallways and classrooms with clean looking decals—perfect for celebrating different holidays, advertising reoccurring events, highlighting school colors and showcasing the mascot. Also, removable signs are great for teachers to individualize their classroom, which will still look nice if peeled and re-stuck to surfaces during a classroom change.

To find out more about how you can benefit from PhotoTex self-adhesive decal signs in Vermont, contact Always On Time Sign & Design today!

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