Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection Improvements

Have you ever felt unsafe while trying to cross a crosswalk, or have you ever been nervous that a pedestrian is going to dart in front of your vehicle while you’re driving through an intersection? Chances are, you have! Even the best traffic control devices in Vermont can’t prevent accidents between pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. […]

Common Sign Shapes and What They Mean

We all pass traffic signs so often that we barely even register they’re there, other than to stop or yield almost unconsciously. Part of the reason why we can drive without thinking too deeply about what signs say is that the actual shapes of the signs hold meanings that are consistent throughout the entire United […]

Five Uses for New England 511

You might have seen signs directing you to call 511 for traffic information while on a long drive and never stopped to actually think about what you would find on the other end of the line. Though the phone service is no longer active, New England 511 is a website with a wealth of services […]

Seven Interesting Facts About the U.S. Interstate Highway System

The U.S. Interstate Highway System is a bit like air or water—of course you know it exists, and you use it all the time, but how often are you actually aware of it? But unlike air, the highway system hasn’t simply existed for billions of years; it took a lot of work and planning to […]

Four Common Usages for Safety Cones

You probably see safety cones on a weekly or even daily basis, especially if you drive for your regular commute. But do you ever stop to think about the different uses of traffic control products in Vermont? As a company that proudly sells traffic control devices in Vermont, we know there are a wide variety […]