The History of the Traffic Light

You probably go through traffic lights every time you drive without paying much thought to how they operate or what the story behind them is. Sure, you understand what each light means—green is go, red is stop, yellow is caution. When you were a young child you probably even played some variation of a “stoplight” […]

Little-Known Facts About Traffic Signs in Vermont

You probably don’t give a whole lot of thought to traffic signs when you’re out on the open road. You read them, take in their direction and keep driving. However, there are a wide variety of interesting facts about traffic signs in Vermont and beyond that you may or may not have previously known about. […]

What Are Traffic Delineators?

Countless people drive every day, so it’s essential to keep roadways as safe as possible for them. In some cases, roadwork, unusual road conditions and other hazards can pose a threat to the safety of drivers, and it’s critically important to help them navigate around the obstacle as effectively and safely as possible. Traffic delineators […]

The Benefits of Message Boards for Traffic Safety

Drivers rely on traffic signs in Vermont to communicate a lot of important information, including the speed limit, the proximity of services and landmarks and their general location, but there are some instances when this permanent signage isn’t enough. When there’s an accident, special event, roadwork or detour, specialized communication is necessary. This is where […]