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Smart Devices You Should Have for Short Term Traffic Control

A smart traffic control system is vital to keeping drivers and pedestrians safe. Many devices can be used as part of a smart traffic control system, but six of the most important are wands, grabber cones, portable speed humps, concrete barricades, steel barricades, and paddles. Wands Wands are one of the most visible forms of […]

What Is the Role of Traffic Monitoring in Smart Cities?

More and more, today’s urban environments are smart cities that use technology to address city problems and optimize city services. Smart cities use electronic sensors that connect to the internet (IoT) and computer programs to detect, monitor, and collect data from these devices. City managers can govern assets and populations more efficiently with data collected […]

Trailer-Mounted Traffic Signals

Trailer-Mounted Traffic Signals Automated portable traffic signals allow you to effectively manage traffic. Whether you need emergency backup, one-lane work zones, bridge repair, or special events; these traffic control systems are portable and reliable. There are several options to consider depending on your project needs and specifications. Call the experts at Worksafe for assistance in […]

Trolley-Mounted Traffic Signals

Trolley-Mounted Traffic Signals For short term operations on bridges, or special events. Improve your safety with a Ver-mac Trolley system. TLD-1308 The Ver-Mac TLD-1308 is a battery-powered portable traffic signal trolley pair that includes a traffic signal head on both included trolleys. The traffic signals include LED bulbs that are 8 inches in size, and […]

What are the Possible Ways of Detecting Road Traffic?

Heavy road traffic can considerably slow down transportation, and it also harms the economy because businesses cannot function well if there is reoccurring traffic. At times impeded traffic can exist for numerous hours undetected. Because the government cannot employ the manpower necessary to check traffic-flow all over the city, they should use technology to alleviate […]