Five Signs You Need to Replace Your Sign

Your investment in business signs in Vermont should yield a huge return for years and years. Not only is it a chief advertising tool, it’s also part of your branding and the best way to help your pedestrian customers find you. A quality sign can last for decades, making it central to all of the physical advertising you do at your storefront.

Even the best outdoor sign isn’t invincible, however. At some point, you’re going to need to take a good, hard look at your signage and ask yourself if it has passed its prime. Let’s take a look at five signs that your business signs in Vermont need to be retired in favor of something new:

  1. If it’s showing signs of visible wear, don’t fret just yet: it might just need a thorough cleaning and restoration! But if wear becomes degradation—such as damage to the integrity of the sign or malfunctions to things like lighting—your best investment is probably in a new sign. Consider the extent of the wear and damage versus the cost of repairs, then versus the cost of a new sign.
  2. Has your logo or branding changed since the adoption of your original sign? If so, it’s probably inconsistent with your modern brand. This is a good excuse to take down your existing sign and hang something newly redesigned in its place. You’ll get years of brand recognition out of it and be able to reap the rewards that consistent branding has to offer.
  3. Is your current sign living up to its full capabilities? If it’s not drawing people to your storefront or easily spotted by people who might be looking for it, it may be better off being replaced. You can only recoup the cost of a sign if it’s living up to the expected value you paid for it!
  4. Sometimes, change for the sake of change is good. Changing your storefront sign will spark new curiosity from passersby, give people a reason to look again at your store and ultimately generate buzz. If you feel as though your storefront has become stagnant, switching up the sign could be a symbol of change that ripples through your other business practices to put you back on track to growth and success.
  5. If your sign is poorly made and causes you nothing but trouble, don’t keep pouring dollars into fixing it up! When lights don’t work, paint peels, fiberglass cracks or other imperfections arise, dump your old sign for a new and better one. Quality construction will go a long way in the life of your new sign.

Every business sign needs to be replaced eventually. Whether it’s after a couple of years or more than a few decades depends on all of the factors listed above. Take a good look at your sign and see if it might be time for a change. If it is, Always On Time Sign & Design can help. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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