Benefits of Well-Designed Business Signs in Vermont

In this high-tech world, the utility of business signs in Vermont is often questioned. After all, if it’s not a flashy online ad or a great e-commerce app, why bother? The truth is, even in the modern atmosphere, signs still work when it comes to attracting customers. Here are the benefits of business signage you won’t find with your website alone.

People can find you

Let’s say a new customer discovers your business online. Excited, she gets into her car to find your shop and perhaps make a purchase or hire you for a service. However, once she arrives in your neighborhood, there is no indication of your location. She drives around in circles trying to find your place of business, but never can locate you. Frustrated, she will likely give up and go home, lamenting the wasted time and effort and likely seeking out another business instead.

There are also potential customers who may not be looking for you, but may frequent your business if they only knew you existed. Pedestrians and driving visitors will often visit after seeing your sign. According to a survey by, 35 percent of visitors discover your business through its signage.

If your business is in a dense urban or industrial area, it is easy for all the storefronts to blend together. The customers who look for you may never find you and occasional passersby do not visit because your storefront is unnoticeable. This problem has an easy solution: install a vibrant sign and help people find you.

Signs attract new customers

If you can be noticed, you can also attract new customers. The numbers do not lie. A start-up finds half of its new customers through its signage. The people surveyed indicated that they never learned about the business until they saw the sign. While people will often tune out Internet pop-up ads and TV commercials, they never forget signage.

This is not limited to the occasional passerby who is wandering your area for the day. Signage makes the initial contact for long-time customers who visit frequently. Not only will you attract the impulse shoppers, but also the long-term relationships.

It’s cost effective

Websites require maintenance, social media is an everyday activity and your e-commerce efforts will also require upgrades. We will not even get into the costs of TV or radio ads, which are prohibitive to smaller businesses. These are all continuing costs that you will frequently pay month-to-month. Your exterior signs, meanwhile, are installed and then occasionally repainted and cleaned. Except for very minor maintenance, your sign is a one-time expense. Considering how many people it can attract, it will pay for itself in no time.

You add to the community

Signs signal community involvement. They add to the landscape and say, “I am here and I am willing to participate in this community atmosphere.” A sign goes beyond advertising and gives the people living in your area a warm welcome. It is an invitation to visit.

This is significant considering that 85 percent of your customers will live or work within five miles of your business. If you want to encourage them to visit, add a sign and be prepared to welcome them.

Always On Time Sign & Design creates customized business signs in Vermont for dynamic businesses and storefronts. We can help you stand out so the customers can find you. Call us today to start designing effective business signage.

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