Travel Time Information Systems

Travel Time Information Systems

Most of the traffic congestion on our highways here in the United States is attributed to factors such as work zones, traffic accidents, traffic demand fluctuations, and bad weather

Since its founding 31 years ago by two incredibly innovative women, Worksafe has provided smart traffic solutions and continues to do so under their stewardship. Whether our clients need products on a rental or permanent basis, we are happy to oblige.

We are open to working with local municipalities, city governments, state governments, and road management departments throughout New England to provide a high-way travel time information system that will improve the security and convenience of all road users.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics projects an increase of freight figures to a weight of 14.2 billion tons by 2024, representing a value of $18.7 trillion.

A reliable transportation network will ensure that no traffic downtime is incurred by freight carriers when moving such weight. This is where a robust travel time information system such as ours comes in.

Our products will be used together with our travel time information system on highways to ease the flow of traffic by displaying information such as:

  • The estimated time a commuter will be expected to take between their current location and their destination.
  • Amber alerts, upcoming work zones, and “accident-ahead” warnings via our state-of-the-art variable message signs.
  • Alternative routes for motorists to make use of hence arrive at the same destination in much less time

Benefits of a Travel Time System

Prevention of Work Zone Accidents

Road construction locations usually shift with the progress of work. Our portable equipment comes with inbuilt cameras that relay construction locations to upstream traffic in real-time. Therefore, approaching drivers will easily engage their breaks early. This will prevent rear-end collisions and work-zone accidents that result from motorists veering off the road.

Saves Time & Money

Research shows that on average, 19 gallons of fuel are wasted by an American commuter stuck in traffic every year, which is equivalent to about $960 or 42 hours. Through the use of dynamic message signs, commuters will be re-routed to alternative routes, thus saving time.

The continuous flow of traffic via alternative routes will ensure that goods-in-transit are delivered on time. Interstate carriers will be able to deliver their products without incurring any additional transit time costs.

Boosts the Public’s Confidence in Government to Perform a Basic Service

Unreliable travel time and delays in public transportation services directly affect the public’s confidence in these services. When the government or public agencies provide a transportation service that guarantees a reasonable travel time for the people, it positively affects public transportation confidence.

This also prevents litigation between residents and public agencies. One way of making public transportation services reliable is by integrating them with the travel time information system.

Compliments the National Government’s Policies Regarding Computerization of Road Transport

The use of technologies such as traffic sensors, CCTV cameras, and variable message signs to monitor highway traffic is part of adopting an intelligent transport system as directed by the European Union in 2010.

Imagine the number of deaths that may result from traffic accidents if these technologies are not installed on our highways to monitor traffic and activate the appropriate emergency response teams?

Real Time Traffic

Worksafe Products and Services

Our products adhere to the standards set by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices during production.

Our services include:

  • Planning, deployment, and management of the travel time information system at a construction zone.
  • The establishment of the permanent travel time information system on highways
  • Renting and sale of the smart travel information system infrastructure.

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