What are Traffic Detection Trailers?

Traffic Detection Trailers

Traffic detection trailers are portable radar systems that are a vital component to your overall traffic monitoring system for your work zone. These systems can come in a variety of configurations, from simple speed radar displays that show drivers their speed to intelligently integrated systems that are capable of monitoring up to 22 lanes of traffic at a time to measure traffic flow, speed, congestion, delays, and more. These platforms are generally battery powered and operate in an environmentally friendly fashion. 

Traffic detection trailers are capable of working autonomously for extended periods of time. The inclusion of solar panels has made these systems almost entirely self-reliant. The ability to detect the most up to date and complete view of traffic and queue delays in real-time is essential for commuters and travelers. Motorists are appreciative of the information these detection trailers can relay, such as keeping approximate travel times and wait times updated on variable information screens set up in strategic places. 

Creating a smart work zone is essential in this era. We need to see as much information as possible in order to pre-plan or re-route our trips while commuting or traveling. The ability of these detection trailers to integrate with the overall smart work zone can create a much safer, smoother operating work zone. The workers will be in less danger of oncoming vehicles, the motorists will be far more aware of upcoming obstacles, and the speed zones will add an increased focus on lowering speed to avoid any accidents and collisions.

There are also options to have alerts set up to warn motorists of trucks entering and exiting the roadway. Drivers have been known to follow truck drivers as they leave the highway, which has caused serious accidents and injuries. These alert systems can save lives and prepare motorists for the eventuality of a truck entering ahead of them at a significantly reduced speed. Awareness has many benefits.

How do these Systems Help Today?

Traffic detection cameras provide portable, weather-resistant, self-contained traffic platforms that are easy to set up, easy to maintain, and convenient for road crews to reposition as needed. Keeping the work zone safer with these camera detection systems has been proven to save lives and significantly reduce accidents and delays. Motorists that are more informed of current road conditions are more prepared for any work zone issues than those who haven’t been alerted. 

These cameras can be integrated into a more extensive network of traffic monitoring to offer a vast grid of road information to be used by motorists. These systems can be used as stand-alone alerts or connected to an overall traffic grid to monitor and address queues and bottleneck areas.

Traffic detection trailers come in a range of sizes and applications. Queue detection systems will warn of upcoming delays. These systems all provide essential information for making our roadways safer. Work zones are a bottlenecking point. However, with the right integrated smart systems, these zones can become far safer and more efficient. 

Speed detection cameras are a great addition to roadways where speeds need to be controlled. Likely usage areas are school zones, neighborhood streets, and other areas that can be trouble spots for speeding motorists. Variable speed limit trailers can be used in areas that may need speed limit adjustments throughout the day, dependent on traffic flow. These systems use wireless communication to allow traffic controllers to immediately change the speed limit during inclement weather or high traffic rates. Accidents are another common reason for implementing a lowered speed limit. 

Using the full arsenal of traffic detection cameras can provide a safe, secure work zone. The result will be safer motorists and safer work zone workers. 

Improved Safety Through Traffic Detection Trailers

If you are interested in learning more about how a traffic detection trailer can help you create a safer work zone, contact us today at Worksafe Traffic Control Industries to speak with a member of our staff who will be able to answer any question you may have.

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