Road Barricade Rentals

Ensuring the safety of everyone can sometimes necessitate the restriction of movement. People have a tendency to wander around carelessly. If that happens while they’re driving or moving around a crowded area, they could end up getting lost or injured.

Using ropes to cordon off an area is an option but they won’t do much if your aim is to prevent cars from going off the designated pathway. Tape on its own is similarly not enough for that.

If you want to establish a stronger perimeter around a restricted area, your best bet is to lean on barricades.

Traffic barriers can be used to facilitate the orderly movement of people and vehicles. If you’re organizing an event such as a concert or a parade, these are essential for keeping people in the right places. They are great for the purposes of crowd control because they let people know right away where they should and shouldn’t be.

You can also use them to keep people out of a construction site and simultaneously protect them from any falling debris. Traffic barriers are important items to have on hand inside parking structures because they stop drivers from going into restricted areas. Barricades are also helpful if you want to set up a checkpoint along certain roads.

The point is that you can find all kinds of ways to effectively utilize traffic barriers. However, you should still take care to choose the right type of barricade.

What Types of Traffic Barricades Are Available?

You can find different kinds of traffic barriers available on the market today. All of which help limit where people can go but some variants are better used in certain situations.

Type I and Type II Barricades

You’ll often find type I and type II barriers lining the roads. They are sturdy barriers typically made from either wood or plastic and they feature a decent amount of height.

The type I and type II barriers are usually painted orange and white to increase their visibility. The two panels reflect light, thus making them easier to spot even in low-light conditions.


Type III Breakaway Barricades

Type III breakaway barriers serve as the sturdier alternatives to the type I and type II options. Type III breakaway barriers feature three rails going from one post to another.

These traffic barriers are designed to be very strong and they can stand up well to the impact of vehicles. You’ll see many type III barriers made from galvanized square tubing or a more durable type of plastic. Those materials are used in type III barriers in order to prevent corrosion that may arise as a result of constant exposure to the elements.

We at Worksafe Traffic Control Industries offer both Plasticade Type III Breakaway Barriers and Sentinel Type III.

The Plasticade Type III Breakaway Barriers are easier to move and store due to them being collapsible. Sentinel’s Type III options are easy to assemble. They also come with bases that can be internally ballasted with either sand or water.

In addition to the barricade types mentioned above, you can also purchase additional accessories such as barricade tape and warning lights. Barricade tape can be used to strengthen the barrier you’ve created around a specific area. Meanwhile, the warning lights are used to guide drivers along roads that may be under construction.

Should I Buy or Rent Traffic Barricades?

It’s easy to see why traffic barriers can be so helpful. They excel at keeping event attendees, pedestrians, and motorists safe.

If you’re about to hold a big event soon or set to start a construction project, you should seriously consider acquiring some traffic barriers.

But how should you go about acquiring traffic barriers? Will it be better for you to purchase new traffic barriers or to rent them?

The Case for Purchasing Traffic Barricades

Traffic barriers are routinely subjected to the harsh elements and placed in close proximity to people and their vehicles. That makes them very susceptible to sustaining damage.

Trying to keep the traffic barriers free from damage is a full-time job and if you have limited manpower, you may not be able to assign anyone to watch over them. Instead of constantly worrying about your rented traffic barriers getting damaged, it may be easier to simply buy them.

Buying traffic barriers instead of renting is also a wise move due to convenience.

It’s hard to guess how many people will attend an event you’re hosting especially if it’s open to the public. That unpredictability makes crowd control a tougher task.

With traffic barriers always on hand and ready to go, you don’t need to stress out about crowd control. You can be confident knowing that you have the right amount of the equipment required.

Buying traffic barriers also makes sense if you know that you will need them often moving forward. The fees can start to pile up if you have to repeatedly rent the traffic barriers. You could end up pocketing more savings if you decide to purchase the barriers right from the get-go.


The Case for Renting Traffic Barricades

Cost is the primary reason why renting traffic barriers could turn out to be the smarter move for you. If it’s just one event or you’ll only need them to keep people out of the construction site for a few days, then go ahead and rent. That will allow you to pour more of your resources into other aspects of your construction project or the event.

Renting traffic barriers may also be your best option if you don’t have any convenient way to store them. Newer traffic barriers are designed to be more portable and collapsible for easier storage, but if you need to keep a lot of them, you may still run out of room.

One more benefit to renting traffic barriers is that the company providing them may be able to help you when the time comes to set them up. When they arrive at the site with the barriers in tow, you may be able to ask them how to properly arrange the barriers.

Where Should I Buy or Rent Traffic Barricades From?

We at Worksafe Traffic Control Industries strive to provide our customers with high-quality traffic control-related equipment. Regardless of whether you want to buy or rent traffic barricades, you can come to us for assistance.

Our selection of traffic barriers includes A-frame leg barriers, type I, type II, type III barriers, and Narrowcade options. We also offer barricade tape and warning lights that can be used together with the barricades so that you can create a safer barrier around your event or construction site.

You can also count on our traffic barriers standing up well to constant usage. They will do their job effectively regardless of the conditions.

Work with us if you want to hold a safer event or secure your construction site better. If you’re interested in learning more about the traffic barriers we have up for rent/for sale, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.